A glamorous life: Elegant living room ideas

Here are some pictures from my personal “wishlist” collection of glamorous living room ideas for our future Luscious home, incorporating black, and white, with hints of pale blue, turquoise, gold and yellow, plus some tips for creating this look…


black and white living room with black framed doorway.jpgBold Geometric Pattern on Painted Wood Floors by Mary McDonald.jpgcolour-your-world-living-room by designer Lisa Sterio.jpgGlamorous home - Art Deco inspired living room - elegant home.jpgGlamorous home - At home with Jessica Stam - Elle Decor.jpgGlamorous home - black-rooms via myLusciousLife.com.jpgGlamorous home - Brocade room via my luscious life and decor blog.jpgGlamorous home - David Jimenez palm springs style.JPGGlamorous home - desk_two_drawers_Maccassar.jpgGlamorous home - elle decor modern chinoiserie living room.jpgGlamorous home - ralph lauren home one fifth collection.jpgGlamorous home decor images - hollywood-regency style.jpgGlamorous home decor images - ralph lauren home one fifth collection.jpgGlamorous homes design - front-desk-maison-beverly-hills.jpgGlamorous homes design - hollywood-regency style.jpgGlamorous homes images - ralph lauren Home glamorous images.jpgGlamorous homes images - ralph lauren home one fifth collection.jpgGlamorous homes images - Stylish home - Preston Lee.jpgGlamorous homes images - Stylish home - Sitting room.jpgGlamorous homes images - Stylish home - The Hamptons.jpgHome glamor pictures - ralph lauren home one fifth collection.jpgHome glamor pictures - Stylish home - lilypond - glamorous home accesso.jpgHome glamorour pictures - mirrored furniture via myLusciousLife.com.jpgHome glamorour pictures - modern chic inspiration photos.jpgHome glamorous images - Luscious living area via myLusciousLife.com.jpgHome glamorous images - ralph lauren home one fifth collection.pngHome glamorous pictures - ralph lauren home one fifth collection.jpgralph lauren home- Stylish home decorating pictures.jpgStylish home - apartment therapy Houzz kitchen black.jpgStylish home - Hecker Phelan and Guthrie - The Ivy.jpgStylish home - hollywood-regency style - glamorous home accessories.jpgStylish home - Inredarkonst pa franska via myLusciousLife.com.jpgStylish home - Living room armchairs - glamorous home accessories.jpgStylish home - luxury-home-design-ED0909-BADGLEY.jpgStylish home - Maccassar furniture - glamorous home accessories.jpgStylish home - mirrored furniture via myLusciousLife.com.jpgStylish home - mirrored-dinning-table - glamorous home accessories.jpgStylish home - ralph lauren home one fifth collection - elegant home.jpgStylish home - Stunning mirrors set along wall via myLusciousLife.com.pngStylish home - via modern chic home - inspiration photos.jpgStylish home decor pictures - mirrored furniture - elegant home.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - David Jimenez via myLusciousLife.com.pngStylish home decorating ideas - Hecker Phelan and Guthrie.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - hollywood-regency style.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - Hollywood-Style-Furniture - armchair.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - Katharine Hepburn former home.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - Living room - Brian McCarthy.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - Living room - glamorous home accessorie.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - Luscious living area - elegant home dec.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - Ralph Lauren - Modern Glamour.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - Sitting room - glamorous home accessori.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - The G Hotel grand_salon.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - The Hamptons - elegant home.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - thedecorista.com_0015.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - Thibaut wallpaper.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - three-panel-floor-mirror.jpgStylish home decorating ideas - veranda magazine.jpgStylish home decorating ideas via mylusciouslife.com luscious life blog.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - inspiration photos.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - Living room - Osborne and Little.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - Luscious living area.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - Maccassar furniture.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - maison 140 white panelled screen.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - melanie acevedo living room.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - Mirrored 2-Door Media Cabinet.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - mirrored furniture.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - mirrored screen via myLusciousLife.c.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - ralph lauren home one fifth.jpgStylish home decorating pictures - via mylusciouslife decor blog.jpgStylish home decorating pictures mirrored-entry_martha-stewart magazine.jpgStylish home with Jessica Stam - Vogue - luscious life decor blog.jpgGlamorous living room dining library - mirrored furniture.jpg


Some of my favourite brands and designers for inspiration when creating a glamorous living space include:


You might find some more inspiration here:


Famous folk at home: Darcy Miller Nussbaum and Andrew Nussbaum in Manhattan

At home with Darcy Miller Nussbaum and Andrew Nussbaum in Manhattan
1 Cornwall Terrace Mews in London - garden at night.PNG

Architecture and design: One Cornwall Terrace Mews, London

One Cornwall Terrace Mews, London which sold for $120 million in 2013
Gold images - gold glitter.jpg

Fan favourites: A golden life

Fan favourites: A golden life
Images of dining rooms - myLusciousLife.com - moden chic home - inspiration photos.jpg

Stylish home: Dining rooms - part 1

Part 1 of our dining room photo gallery
Black door and door handle image - Elizabeth Kimberly.jpg

Stylish home: Door knobs and handles

Stylish home: Door knobs and handles


Suggested textures and textiles for adding glamour and elegance include:

  • mirrors and mirrored furniture
  • gold, silver and other metallics
  • glass and lucite
  • Macassar ebony furniture
  • chandeliers,┬álanterns, lamps, and pot lighting on dimmer switches
  • panelling, wainscotting, cornices
  • marble and onyx
  • symmetry
  • plush fabrics such as silk and velvet for furniture fabric, rugs and cushions
  • tufted furniture, and piping
  • plenty of coffee tables next to seating to enable easy placement of guest’s cocktail glasses
  • lusciously-textured drapes
  • soft shades such as whites, greys and beige keep things sophisticated
  • wallpaper and grasscloth
  • Chinoiserie textures, furniture and accessories
  • any textile with a glossy finish
  • think about Art Deco and Hollywood Regency styles
  • fresh flowers such as peonies and roses (ideally just one colour and one type at a time).




Not-really-glam: Decorating ideas to avoid in a glamorous space

  • too many bright colours (many have one but use it sparingly) – absolutely no fluoro unless you are Jonathan Adler!
  • too many vibrant prints – keep them for more casual, fun rooms
  • clutter: elegance means refinement
  • cheap materials and accessories: glam items need to reflect luxury
  • bad window coverings – get rid of those nasty plastic venetian blinds
  • unframed prints – have paintings and prints framed in a regal gold or silver frame.


Some textural pictures here:


More here:

Cheers, Natasha






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