COLOURS, PRINTS AND TEXTILES: Florence Broadhurst wallpapers, rugs, and fabrics

Gwyneth Paltrow in her Hamptons home with Florence Broadhurst fabric on bench seat

Gwyneth Paltrow in her Hamptons home with Florence Broadhurst “Circles and Squares” fabric on the bench seat



UPDATED: I adore Florence Broadhurst prints and, once we have some money, I’m going to get the chaise longue in our bedroom recovered in the black and grey aka “bley” Circles and Squares print.

Or perhaps the newer red and pink Mount Perry Cherry & Magenta design.

How divine, no? It’s costly but worth saving up for. The sophistication of her prints is legendary. Keep reading for more…



Florence Broadhurst black grey bley circles and square fabric


As I’ve adored Hollywood Regency style for years now, especially anything glamarama and with Chinoiserie influences, it’s unlikely that I’m going to suddenly become a minimalist overnight, so I see this as an investment piece worth indulging in.


Bamboo Lattice - Florence Broadhurst designs


Florence Broadhurst (1899-1977) was an Australian painter, print maker, sculptor and designer and businesswoman, who created a series of beautiful pieces,but is sadly remembered for her unsolved murder in her Paddington, Sydney studio in 1977.


florence broadhurst rugs - japanese-floral saffron


She established Australian (Hand Printed) Wallpapers Pty Ltd in 1959 (later Florence Broadhurst Wallpapers Pty Ltd) and by 1972, her collection of wallpapers was estimated to contain 800 designs in 80 different colours.


Red coral black steps print - Florence Broadhurst


Signature Prints in Sydney, Australia have the exclusive rights to Florence Broadhurst fabrics and are the custodians of the Florence Broadhurst design library (see Florence’s bio), and Cadrys, also in Sydney, have produced Florence Broadhurst rugs.


Cockatoos - florence broadhurst textiles - green


There is also a more recent Florence Broadhurst-KateSpade collaboration, as well as designers Akira IsogawaNicky Zimmermann and Karen Walker. The range of Florence Broadhurst items now extends to wallpapers, print making, fabrics (including cushion covers) and fashion accessories.


Kate Spade Florence Broadhurst IKEDA FABRIC SYDNEY bag



Further reading and viewing:

See also the Gillian Armstrong docu-drama “Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst” starring Felicity Price, from 2006, and this article by Mindy Laube in the Sydney Morning Herald from 2008.



Scroll through these Florence Broadhurst photos:


florence broadhurst cushions on yellow chair.jpgflorence broadhurst - japanese_floral_black_on_tan.jpgcockatoos - florence broadhurst textiles.jpgflorence broadhurst cushions.jpgBlue greige steps print - Florence Broadhurst designs.jpgBirds of Paradise - print - florence broadhurst textiles.jpgCentrepoint Medallion - blue - florence broadhurst.jpgCircles and Squares - florence broadhurst.jpgflorence broadhurst designs.jpgegrets - florence broadhurst.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric covered handbag2.jpgflorence broadhurst - Ottoman in Japanese Bamboo.jpgFingers - Aubergine - Florence Broadhurst.jpgFlorence Broadhurst decor.jpgflorence broadhurst _ Signature Prints.gifFlorence Broadhurst black circles and square fabric.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric2.jpgflorence broadhurst chalk design.jpgflorence broadhurst egrets black design print.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric covered handbag.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric4.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric Shimmer Fruit Vine.jpgflorence broadhurst fingers print green.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric covered handbag3.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric Shimmer Japanese Floral.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric1.jpgFlorence Broadhurst in front of wallpaper.pngflorence broadhurst kate spade shoes.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric3.jpgGreen mauve coral steps print - Florence Broadhurst.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric6.jpgflorence broadhurst rug Solar.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric5.jpgflorence broadhurst hessian home fabric collection.jpgflorence broadhurst rug in red floral.jpgFlorence Broadhurst wallpaper3.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric covered handbag4.jpgflorence broadhurst rug Kabuki.jpgflorence broadhurst rug in honeycomb.jpgflorence broadhurst kate spade-vespa.jpgFlorence Broadhurst fabric8.jpgflorence broadhurst peacock feathers print.jpgflorence broadhurst print - the cranes bo70 apricot gold large.jpgflorence broadhurst prints - Shannon Fricke Wallpapered cupboard.jpgflorence broadhurst rug in Black stampede.jpgGreen shadow floral - florence broadhurst.jpgflorence broadhurst rug in Japanese floral.jpgflorence broadhurst rugs - japanese-floral_saffron.jpgflorence broadhurst rugs coral.jpgflorence broadhurst rugs-black.jpgflorence broadhurst rugs.jpgflorence broadhurst wallpaper wandrlust.jpgflorence broadhurst rug Siam.jpgTortoiseshell Stripe - Florence Broadhurst - green black.jpgflorence broadhurst shadow floral co58 turquoise design.jpgFlorence Broadhurst, with architect, Jeffery Kelson at the Centrepoint Tavern in Sydney.jpgFlorence Broadhurst’s Ink Blue-on-Flat White wallpaper.jpgflorence Peacock print yvans geometric.jpgflorence broadhurst teal green print design.jpgflorence broadhurst wallpaper - famous-interior-designers-laurel-canyon.jpgFlorence Broadhurst wallpaper and model at Designex.jpgflorence broadhurst rugs signature prints.jpgflorence Peacock Feathers print Aubrey.jpgJapanese Fans - Florence Broadhurst prints.jpgFlorence Broadhurst yellow circles and square fabric.jpgSteps print - Florence Broadhurst designs.jpgflorence Peacock Turnabouts print.jpgKateSpade_FLORENCE_BROADHURST_JAPANESEFLORAL.jpgGreeny yellow egrets print - florence broadhurst.jpgflorence Peacock Feathers print.jpgflorence broadhurst rugs-Horse rug.jpgOttoman in Japanese Bamboo - yellow - florence broadhurst fabrics.jpgHorses Stampede - Florence Broadhurst designs.jpgRed coral black steps print - Florence Broadhurst.jpgImperial Brocade - Florence Broadhurst design.jpgingram tapestry - florence broadhurst - fabrics rugs wallpapers textiles.jpgmotif-cotton-fabric-florence broadhurst.jpgflorence-broadhurst-travel-nail-polish.jpgOctagonal Lattice - Florence Broadhurst pink.jpgSolar - Florence Broadhurst print - blue black.jpgFlorence-Broadhurst-Painting.jpgtudor floral - florence broadhurst wallpaper rugs prints fabrics cushions.jpgOttoman in Circles & Squares-florence broadhurst coral.jpgOttoman in Japanese Bamboo-florence broadhurst fabrics.jpgOttoman in The Cranes-florence broadhurst - red.jpgTio chair with Florence Broadhurst fabric.jpgTortoiseshell Stripe - Florence Broadhurst.jpgPurple grey steps prints - Florence Broadhurst.jpgRomanesque print - florence broadhurst - yellow.jpgSolar - Florence Broadhurst print - yellow black.jpgTurnabouts - Florence Broadhurst prints.jpgSolar - Florence Broadhurst print.jpgSpotted Floral - florence broadhurst prints.jpgTortoiseshell Stripe - Florence Broadhurst - orange coral.jpgOttoman in The Cranes-florence broadhurst.jpgYellow floral - florence broadhurst fabrics wallpaper rugs.jpg


And re-pin them via our FLORENCE BROADHURST board on Pinterest.



Cadrys have a more extensive biography about Florence’s colourful life here, plus there are two great books:


florence broadhurst cushions


See also our Florence Broadhurst photo gallery on Facebook and Textiles: Florence Broadhurst board on Pinterest.








Own some of your own Florence Broadhurst designs via these suggestions:

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