Luscious at the movies: Films and TV shows set in the 1900s-1940s – part 1

If you’re a lover of historical fashion, researching costumes for a certain period, or simply love films set in the past, you might like some of the movies and TV shows on this list…

My list technically includes films which go on into the 1940s onwards, but comes mainly out of a Edwardian Age to Jazz Age bias. One day, I’ll do my list of preferred films from the 1940s as there are soooo many wartime films.


Here’s our gallery, part 1:

The House of Mirth - fashion and film.jpgA Night to Remember movie.jpg1930s Upstairs Downstairs costumes.jpgchicago - Catherine Zeta Jones - Movies set in the 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgAgatha Christie Poirot TV series.jpgAnastasia 1956.jpgclive-owen-nicole-kidman-hemingway-and-gellhorn-hbo.jpgAny Human Heart TV series.jpgBirdsong 2012 costumes.jpgBoardwalk Empire period drama fashion.jpgCabaret 1972 fashion Liza.jpgCarey-Mulligan-And-Leonardo-DiCaprio-On-The-Set-Of-Great-Gatsby.jpgCavalcade 1933 film.jpgCostumes for Out of Africa.jpgChaplin 1992 costumes.jpgCharlize - The Legend of Bagger Vance.jpgCitizen Kane 1941.jpgCoco Before Chanel 2009 fashion.jpgCoco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky 2009.jpgCostumes for Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle.jpgAny Human Heart - Windsors.jpgCostumes for Reilly Ace of Spies.jpgCostumes for The House of Mirth.jpgCostumes for The Legend of Bagger Vance.jpgCostumes for The Little Princess.pngCostumes for The Prestige.jpgCostumes for The Shooting Party.jpgCostumes for The Wings of the Dove.jpgCostumes for Thoroughly Modern Millie.jpgCostumes from Bright Young Things 2003.jpgCostumes from Chaplin 1992.jpgCostumes from Chariots of Fire 1981.jpgCostumes from Parades End.jpgDiana-Ross-in-Lady Sings the Blues.jpgdownton_abbey during WW1.pngEnchanted April costumes.jpgfashion for Upstairs Downstairs costumes.jpgFlapper fashion - mia farrow robert redford - the great gatsby 1970s.jpgFried Green Tomatoes 1991 film fashion.JPGGosford Park costumes.jpgHarry-Widener-and-Lady-Georgiana-Grex-titanic-2012.jpgHenry and June 1990 costumes.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - Miss-20Fisher Mysteries.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - the great gatsby toby stephens.jpgHouse of Elliot fashion - TV shows and movies set in the 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgHowards End - Emma Thompson.jpgparades-end-a-review.jpgI Capture the Castle movie.jpgKeira_knightley_in_Atonement_Cecilia_Tallis on diving board.jpgLeatherheads - Renee and George.jpgThe Aviator - Cate Blanchett.jpgLegends of the Fall costumes.jpgThe Glenn Miller Story costumes.jpgMaria in Henry and June 1990.jpgMidnight in Paris - Marion.jpgMillers Crossing - fashion in film.pngThe Godfather Part II - Al Pacino.jpgMovies set in the 1920s and 30s - Chicago with Renee Zellweger.jpegMr North costumes.jpgMrs Parker and the Vicious Circle - Jennifer and Matthew.jpgparades end miranda richardson as mrs wannop.jpgSome Like It Hot - silver dress.jpgThe Aviator - Ava costume.jpgThe Camomile Lawn - fashion in film.jpgThe English Patient - dancing.jpgThe Ghost and Mrs Muir - Gene Tierney.jpgThe Godfather Part II.jpgThe Good Shepherd movie.jpgThe Hours - Nicole Kidman.pngThe Little Princess 1995.jpgThe Unsinkable Molly Brown 1964 - Debbie Reynolds.jpgThe Untouchables 1987.jpgThoroughly Modern Millie costumes.jpgTitanic - Kate Winslet costumes.jpgVintage fashion - Alan Ladd and Betty Field 1949.jpgVintage fashion - mia farrow - the great gatsby 1970s.jpgVintage inspired fashion - The_Artist movie via mylusciouslife blog.jpgWallis - W.E. costumes.jpg1920s Some Like It Hot.jpgA Dangerous Method 2011.jpgA Good Woman 2004 fashion.jpgA Night to Remember film.jpgA Room with a View - Helena and Maggie.pngAgatha Christie Marple costumes.jpgangelina in the_changeling - Movies set in the 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgAnother Country 1984.jpgAtonement poster.jpgAuntie Mame 1958 film.jpgBaz-Luhrmann-The-Great-Gatsby-movie-2012 2013.jpgBilly Bathgate 1991 film.jpgButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969.jpgCaddie 1976 poster.jpgCostumes for Millers Crossing.jpgCostumes for War Horse 2011.jpgCostumes from Boardwalk Empire.jpgDoctor Zhivago 1965 poster.jpgFlapper style - carey-mulligan-daisy-great-gatsby.jpgFlapper style - Easy Virtue Noel Coward - black and white.jpggatsby haircut ad - Movies set in the 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgGosford park downstairs.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - Flapper fashion - miss fisher illustration.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - Flapper style - Boardwalk-Empire.jpgHowards End costumes.jpgJeeves and Wooster costumes.jpgKeeley Hawes in Upstairs Downstairs 2011.jpgKristin Scott Thomas easy_virtue.jpgLeatherheads poster.jpgmichelle-dockery-Downton Abbey costumes.jpgMidnight in Paris - Gertrude Stein.jpgMobsters 1991 costumes for men.jpgMr Selfridge Katherine Kelly Lady mae.jpgMR-SELFRIDGE.jpgNicole Kidman in The Hours.jpgOut of Africa images.jpgPapillon - Steve McQueen costumes.jpgParades End UK tv.jpgSeabiscuit 2003 costumes.jpgSome Like It Hot - Marilyn Monroe.jpgSome Like It Hot.gifThe African Queen costumes.pngThe Aviator - Leonardro.jpgThe Cats Meow costumes - fashion in film.jpgThe Cats Meow costumes pictures.jpgThe Legend of Bagger Vance  - Charlize.jpgThe Prestige - Hugh and Scarlett.jpgThe Shooting Party - menswear.jpgThe Untouchables 1959.jpgThe Wings of the Dove  - period drama costumes.jpgThe-Artist-Jean-Dujardin-Historical fashion pictures.jpgTitanic 2012 costumes.jpgTV Historical fashion pictures - boardwalk-empire-women.jpgVintage inspired fashion - queen-latifah-chicago via mylusciouslife blog.jpgVintage inspired fashion - uggi-the-artist via mylusciouslife blog.jpgW.E. costumes - fashion in film.jpgYoung Winston 1972 period drama.jpg



Here’s our gallery, part 2:

at the wedding - Downton Abbey costumes.jpgAgatha Christie Poirot - Death on the Nile TV show.jpg1920s 1930s fashion for women - Upstairs Downstairs.jpgAtonement-keira-knightley in green dress via mylusciouslife blog.jpgEssie Davis - TV shows set in the 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpg1920s fashion for men and women - Agatha Christie and Poirot.jpgAny Human Heart fashion.jpgEasy_Virtue - fashion from movies set in the 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgAnastasia 1956 movie.jpg1920s fashion for women - miss-fishers-murder-mysteries.jpgA Passage to India movie.jpgFashion from Indochine.jpg1920s fashion on TV - House of Elliot via mylusciouslife blog.jpg1920s The Cats Meow costumes.jpg1930s W.E. costumes.jpg2008 brideshead revisited - Movies set in the 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgFrida 2002 dancing.jpgA Good Woman 2004.jpgFlapper fashion - Miss-Fishers-Murder-Mysteries-TV.jpgA Month in the Country movie.jpgA Night to Remember black and white film.jpgA Room with a View movie fashion.jpgFlapper style - great gatsby Lois Wilson and Warner Baxter.jpgEssie Davis in white hat and coat - 1920s fashion inspiration.jpgAgatha Christie Poirot  - The Hollow.jpgGreystoke The Legend of Tarzan Lord of the Apes fashion.jpgInspired by the 1920s - fashion from House of Elliot.jpgEssie Davis as 1920s crime fighting Melbourne heroine.jpgIngrid as Anastasia 1956.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - boardwalk-empire-pilot.jpgJean-Louis-Modern-Millie.jpgEva Green - Cracks 2009 movie - Movies set in the 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgFlapper fashion - stephen fry bright young things.jpgGigi 1958 film fashion.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - the great gatsby mia farrow robert redford.jpggosford park cast  - Movies set in the 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgMarilyn - Some Like It Hot.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - Flapper fashion - miss-fisher.jpgmaggie-smith-ladies-lavender.jpglegend-of-bagger-vance.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - 2008_brideshead_revisited - Venice.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - Inspired by the 1920s - Essie Davis as Miss Fisher.jpgHistorical fashion pictures - Upstairs Downstairs TV show.jpgJeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge.Joan Collins in an episode of Agatha Christie Miss Marple.jpgMaurice fashion film.jpgKate Winslet in a still from the film TitanicMemoirs of a Geisha.jpgkatherine-kelly-lady-mae-in-mr-selfridge.jpgUpstairs Downstairs costumes 1930s.jpgKirsten-in-The-Cat-s-Meow-kirsten-dunst.jpgMr_Selfridge-bleriot.jpgLaura Linney - The House of Mirth.jpgMatt Charlize Will - The Legend of Bagger Vance.jpgMidnight In Paris costumes in film.jpgUpstairs Downstairs costumes.jpgThe Cider House Rules.jpgMillers Crossing - Gabriel Byrne.jpgMiss-Marple-The-Secret-of-Chimneys.jpgPhotos for Some Like It Hot.jpgVintage inspired fashion - the great gatsby mia farrow robert redford.jpgPoirot - After the Funeral.jpgReilly Ace of Spies costumes.jpgUpstairs Downstairs costume pictures.jpgSome Like It Hot and Marilyn costimes.jpgThe African Queen.jpgThe House of Mirth - Gillian.jpgThe Little Princess costumes.jpgThe Wings of the Dove costumes.jpgVintage fashion - Easy Virtue movie photos - Jessica Biel.jpgVintage inspired fashion - miss fisher illustration via mylusciouslife blog.jpgVintage inspired fashion - Parades End starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall - BBC.jpgWar Horse 2011.jpgyoung-winston-churchill.jpgA scene from a A Passage to India.jpgAgatha Christie Marple TV show.jpgAgatha Christie Poirot costumes.jpgAgatha Christie Poirot.jpgAll Creatures Great and Small costumes.jpgandie-macdowell-greystoke-the-legend-of-tarzan-lord-of-the-apes.jpgAny Human Heart.jpgAtonement - Keira vintage swimsuit.jpgAuntie Mame 1958 dress.jpgBilly Bathgate 1991 movie.jpgBoardwalk Empire costumes.jpgBoardwalk-Empire fashion - TV shows set in the 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s.jpgButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.jpgCaddie 1976 movie poster.jpgCarrington 1995 movie.jpgCate as Katharine - The Aviator.jpgCavalcade 1933 movie costumes.jpgCentury Hotel 2001 poster.jpgChaplin 1992 fashion.jpgChariots of Fire 1981.jpgCoco Before Chanel 2009 book.jpgCoco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky 2009 movie.jpgCostumes from Bullets Over Broadway 1994.jpgCostumes from Jeeves and Wooster.jpgDick Tracy 1990.jpgDownton Abbey costumes images.jpgDOWNTON_ABBEY_3_EPISODE1_89.JPGEmma and Anthony in Howards End.jpgEnchanted April 1991 lunch costumes.jpgEvita 1996 1930s costumes.jpgFashion and film - Parades End.jpgFashion and film - Reilly Ace of Spies.jpgFashion and film - The House of Mirth.jpgFashion and film - The Wings of the Dove.jpgFashion from Brideshead Revisited 1981.jpgFashion from Chariots of Fire 1981.jpgFashion from Fried Green Tomatoes 1991.jpgFashion from Legends of the Fall.jpgFashion in film - Millers Crossing.jpgFashion in film - Out of Africa.jpgFashion in film - The African Queen.jpgFrances 1982 costumes.jpgFried Green Tomatoes 1991.jpgGandhi 1982 costumes.jpgglenn_miller_story-poster.jpgGreer Garson in Goodbye Mr Chips.jpgGreystoke The Legend of Tarzan Lord of the Apes.jpgHeaven Can Wait 1943 poster.JPGHenry and June 1990 film.jpgI Capture the Castle 2003.jpgKeira in emerald green dress - Atonement.jpgLadies in Lavender costumes - Maggie and Judi.jpgLeatherheads costumes.jpgLiza in Cabaret 1972.jpgLove in the Time of Cholera 2007 fashion.jpgMarion in La Vie en Rose 2007.jpgMidnight in Paris - the Fitzgeralds.jpgMrs Stravinsky in Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky 2009.jpgOut of Africa - fashion and film.jpgParade's EndParade's EndReilly Ace of Spies.jpgRose Byrne and Romola in I Capture the Castle.jpgBILLY WILDER, MARILYN MONROE,  TONY CURTISThe Cats Meow costumes - Joanna.pngThe House of Mirth - fashiong.jpgThe Legend of Bagger Vance costumes.jpgThe Prestige - Scarlett and Hugh.jpgThe Road to Wellville - Bridget Fonda.jpgThe Shooting Party costumes.jpgUnderbelly Razor 2011 costumes.jpg


See parts 3 and 4 of our galleries here.


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