Vintage photography: Classic black and white images

Arthur Hornblow Jr and Juliette Crosby Hornblow

Beautiful black and white photos from some of history’s greatest photographers such as Norman Parkinson, Henry Clarke, Clifford Coffin, Horst P Horst, FC Gundlach, John French, Mark Shaw, Tom Palumbo, Walde Huth, and Richard Avedon…



Scroll through this gallery for more…

black white vintage photography - Henry Clarke.jpgblack and white photography - Norman Parkinson vintage photography.jpgblack and white photo gallery - Audrey Hepburn Paris VOGUE 1966.jpgbeautiful photography images - John French - Jean Shrimpton.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - Anne laughing - Saks outtake2 1958.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - outtake for Vogue circa 1960.jpgbeautiful photography photos - Mark Shaw - LIFE 1953 - Audrey Hepburn_hairdryer.jpgartistic photography - Greta Garbo 1929.jpgblack and white photography images - Avedon - Veruschka - Bill Blass 1967.jpgbeautiful photography images - Henry Clarke.jpgblack and white vintage photography - gundlach.jpgbeautiful photography images - Tom Palumbo - New frocks 1955.jpgbeautiful photography photos - Horst P. Horst - Marlene Dietrich.jpgblack and white vintage photo - Mark Shaw - Vanity Fair - Butterfly_robe_arm_out.jpgBianca Jagger - Hollywood Studio - January 1972 by Richard Avedon.jpgblack and white photo images - gundlach.jpgblack and white photographer - Toto Koopman 1934.jpgblack and white photography - Mark Shaw - jfk jackie caroline house 1959.jpgblack white vintage photography - Dior 1948.jpgblack and white photography - Toni Hollingsworth and Loty Salon 1941.jpgbeautiful photography images - Katharine Hepburn 1935.jpgblack and white vintage photo - Paul Schutzer - February 1962.jpgblack and white vintage photography - Henry Clarke.jpgblack and white vintage photography - Tom Palumbo.jpgJohn French - Fiona Campbell-Walter and Anne Gunning in tailored suits - London 1953 - and white vintage photos - tom palumbo - summer breezes - Bazaar May 1957.jpgblack and white vintage photos - Walde Huth.jpgblack white photographer - Dancer at Radio City Music Hall.jpgblack white vintage photography - Mark Shaw - Guy Laroche - LIFE 1954.jpgElizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on boat 1962.jpgfamous photographers - Henry Clarke.jpgfamous photographers - sophia loren by richard avedon.jpgfamous portrait photographers - Brigitte Helm.jpgsilhouette photographers - Mary Sykes in Puerto Rico 1938.jpgfamous portrait photographers - Gertrude Lawrence.jpgfamous portrait photographers - gundlach.jpgimages of black and white photos - Harpers Bazaar New York November 1954.jpgWoman Wearing Furphoto vintage site - Clifford Coffin - Linda Christian wearing a sable-banded ball gown 1949.jpgphotography vintage - Ann Harding.jpgvintage photo archives - elizabeth taylor by richard avedon.jpgphotography white and black - Simone Micheline Bodin Graziani.jpgphotography white and black - Walde Huth.jpgretro vintage photography - Henry Clarke.jpgretro vintage photography - Jean Patchett in Grenada 1953.jpgtom palumbo - Julie Andrews inspiration shoot but not julie - vogue early 1960s.jpgvintage black and white photo - marilyn - net veil.jpgvintage black and white photo - Natalie in Hammamet 1950.jpgvintage black and white pictures - Noel Coward.jpgvintage black and white pictures - Norma Shearer.jpgvintage fashion pics - Bette Davis.jpgIra von Furstenberg Modeling Ungaro Outfitvintage photo archives - Joan Bennett.jpgvintage photo images - Agnes Geraghty.jpgvintage photographers - Mary Jane Russell 1953.jpgvintage photographers - Simone Micheline Bodin Graziani.jpgvintage photography blog - dovima models fath for richard avedon.jpgvintage photography gallery - California Desert 1948.jpgvintage photography images - Henry Clarke.jpgvintage photography pictures - Henry Clarke.jpgvintage pictures - Henry Clarke.jpgvintage pictures - Mainbocher Corset Paris 1939.jpgwhite and black photography pictures - bild big.jpgwhite and black photography pictures - Paul Schutzer - February 1962.jpgvintage photography pictures - Arthur Hornblow Jr and Juliette Crosby Hornblow.jpg





Learn more about some of these incredible photographers via these bios:




Clifford Coffin - model in a Christian Dior day dress 1948








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Vintage fashion photography by Karen Radkai

Luscious vintage fashion photography by Karen Radkai
December 1 1925 - vintage cover of Vogue.jpg

"Vogue" magazine covers: covers up to the 1950s

"Vogue" magazine covers: covers up to the 1950s
Tom Palumbo_Outtake_for_Bazaar2.jpg

Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer

Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer
Carole Lombard - October 1939 on the telephone in her Hollywood home.JPG

Old Hollywood: At home with the stars

Old Hollywood: At home with the stars


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