Luscious loves: Photographer Tom Palumbo (1921–2008)

Tom Palumbo vintage fashion photographer

Tom Palumbo: Photographer, creative director, teacher and theatre director…

About Tom Palumbo

He was born in Italy and grew up in New York City as a teenager.

Tom Palumbo - Advertisement mid 1950s

His various jobs included building scale models for ships in an engineering company and being an assistant to photographer James Abbe which moved him into fashion photography. Abbe was known for taking many photographs of theater and movie performers, as well as news and fashion photography.

Tom Palumbo in the studio - mid 1950s

Palumbo’s early campaign work for Peck & Peck Department Store appeared in “Vogue” and “Harpers Bazaar” magazines (1949 to 1953), and he was a staff photographer at both “Vogue” (1959-1962) and “Harper’s Bazaar” (1953-1959) working with the famed art directors Alex Liberman and Alexey Brodovitch.

Tom Palumbo - Pearls - Black and white photography

He worked at Ted Bates as Vice President of Creative Productions overseeing all TV commercials. As a teacher, he taught photography at Rhode Island School of Design, and directing at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Tom Palumbo - Predator - Anne St Marie

He was a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab and directed plays off-Broadway and in regional theatres. His last production was “An Evening of Proust” at the Lincoln Center in 1999. He was a life-long member of the Actors Studio.

Tom Palumbo - couple with dog

Palumbo was married to 1950s model, Anne St. Marie for many years, and he documented many of the photos on his Flickr site.

Anne St Marie for Vogue 1959 by photographer Tom Palumbo

He was later married to Patricia Bosworth, an American journalist, biographer, and former actress, model and faculty member of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.

Perfect for Sailing - Tom Palumbo

Her 1984 book about Diane Arbus was turned into a film called “Fur” in 2006, starring Nicole KidmanRobert Downey Jr and Ty Burrell, and directed by Steven Shainberg. Other biographies include Montgomery Clift (1978) and Marlon Brando (2000). 

Anne in a hammock by husband Tom Palumbo

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Tom Palumbo_Outtake_for_Bazaar2.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - Anne laughing - Saks outtake2 1958.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - Around the world in 90 minutes.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - beach umbrellas.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - Cigarette holder - outtake from Vogue shoot.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - Hammock V.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - outtake for Vogue circa 1960.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - The Sideways Glance.jpgAnne St Marie by Tom Palumbo1.jpgPerfect for Sailing - Tom Palumbo.jpgTom Palumbo - 18 inch waist - model on tropical beach.jpgtom palumbo - Advertisement mid 1950s.jpgtom palumbo - Alberobello circa 1954.jpgTom Palumbo - An outtake for Bazaar mid 1950s - Velvet Jacket Velvet Shoes.jpgtom palumbo - And the girls get drunk.jpgtom palumbo - Anne St Marie in swimsuit.jpgtom palumbo - Anne St Marie swimming.jpgtom palumbo - At the bar.jpgtom palumbo - Bazaar June 1954.jpgtom palumbo - Beauty in Motion.jpgtom palumbo - Brooklyn Bridge II.jpgtom palumbo - Cary Grant outside Graumans Theatre at the opening of To Catch a Thief 1955 with wife Betsy Drake .jpgtom palumbo - champignon seller.jpgtom palumbo - Charcuterie II.jpgtom palumbo - Cheers.jpgtom palumbo - couple with dog.jpgtom palumbo - Delivery.jpgtom palumbo - Eye shadow.jpgtom palumbo - Fromage.jpgtom palumbo - Garden affair.jpgtom palumbo - Interlude.jpgtom palumbo - Its OK.jpgTom Palumbo - Jean Patchett.jpgtom palumbo - Jimmy Stewart and family II.jpgtom palumbo - Julie Andrews inspiration shoot but not julie - vogue early 1960s.jpgtom palumbo - Kissing the hand.jpgtom palumbo - Laughter and cake.jpgtom palumbo - Light.jpgtom palumbo - model in long coat.jpgtom palumbo - model with horse in background.jpgtom palumbo - Molfetta Italy circa 1954.jpgTom Palumbo - New frocks 1955.jpgtom palumbo - New Frocks2 1955.jpgtom palumbo - Pearls.jpgtom palumbo - photo of first wife Kate.jpgtom palumbo - Politics.jpgtom palumbo - Racing hat.jpgtom palumbo - Red fan and polka dot dress.jpgtom palumbo - Red swimsuit.jpgtom palumbo - Reflection at the market.jpgtom palumbo - summer breezes - Bazaar May 1957.jpgtom palumbo - Sunny Arnett for Bazaar.jpgtom palumbo - The Lady and her butler.jpgtom palumbo - Truman Capote Gloria Vanderbilt and friend.jpgtom palumbo - Young lovers embrace.jpgtom palumbo - Your attention please 1950s.jpgtom palumbo in the studio - mid 1950s.jpgTom Palumbo_Anne_for_Saks_1958_8.jpgTom Palumbo_Anne_St._Marie_Bazaar_1954.jpgTom Palumbo_Anne_St._Marie_for_Bazaar_1959.jpgTom Palumbo_Anne_St._Marie_for_Vogue_1959.jpgTom Palumbo_Fields_of_Gold.jpgTom Palumbo_Garden_Affair.jpgTom Palumbo_Girls_Lean_Back_Everywhere.jpgTom Palumbo_Grace_Kelly.jpgTom Palumbo_Grace_Kelly3.jpgTom Palumbo_He_loves_me_he_loves_me_not.jpgTom Palumbo_Just_a_Minute.jpgTom Palumbo_Mermaid_Anne.jpgTom Palumbo_Mia_Farrow.jpganne st marie by tom palumbo - Anne in a hammock.jpgTom Palumbo_miafarrow002.jpgTom Palumbo_Predator.jpgTom Palumbo_Red_Coat_Dress_II.jpgTom Palumbo_Swim_Dress.jpgTom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer Tom Palumbo, vintage fashion photographer

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