Stylish home: Shoe closets

A look at luscious shoe closets…

Boudoir-inspired feathered satin slippersMariah Carey's shoe closet
Love shoes? Then you’ll be in need of a way to store them. Why not flick through this gallery of luscious shoe wardrobe design ideas, including some shoe closets of the stars.


Sally Singer the new editor of T has a lovely shoe collection1.jpgaddicted to shoes - Shoe closet17.jpgA Fashionable Life Tamara Mellon - August 2010 - Harpers Bazaar2.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Elle Decor Tamara Mellon closet.jpgaddicted to shoes - shoe closet-kimora-lee.jpgaddicted to shoes - Shoe closet18.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Christina Aguilera closet in Los Angeles.jpgaddicted to shoes - Shoe closet19.jpgaddicted to shoes - Shoe closet20.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Shoe closet3.jpgaddicted to shoes - Shoe closet21.jpgaddicted to shoes - shoe-closet.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Ashley Tisdale shoe closet.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - blair-room-shoe closet.jpgCelebrity shoe closets - Kim cattral shoe closet.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Joanna Ladrido shoe closet.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Shoe closet1.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Shoe closet2.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Shoe closet4.jpgCelebrity shoe closets - olivia wilde closet.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Shoe closet5.jpgBeautiful shoe storage - Shoe closet6.jpgCelebrity shoe closets - Kim cattrall shoe closet2.jpgCelebrity shoe closets - Walk-in wardrobe - Jessica Alba.jpgJeweler Loree Rodkin closet Elle Decor.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet12.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet10.jpgCelebrity shoe closets - mariah_closet3.jpgCelebrity shoe closets - Sally Singer Editor of T.jpgCelebrity shoe closets - Walk-in wardrobe - Eva Longoria.jpgDressing room via Kerzner Harpers Bazaar.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet11.jpgHouse and Home shoe closet.gifJane Keltner del Valle Fashion Director of Teen Vogue Shoe closet.jpgJenna Lyons Creative Director of J Crew Shoe closet.jpgkelly wearstler dressing room 2.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet14.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet15.jpgpaula-abdul-shoe-closet-in-style-picture.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet16.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet7.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet8.jpgLuscious shoes - Shoe closet9.jpgSally Singer the new editor of T, has a lovely shoe collection1.jpgshoe closet of Poochie of SHOE DAYDREAMS.jpgshoe closet of Poochie of SHOE DAYDREAMS2.jpgshoe closet that belongs to blogger Jane Aldridge of blog Sea of Shoes.jpgTracy Tayloy US Editor of net-a-porter.jpg


Here are our two Facebook photo galleries which you might want to share:

The following are some images from my own dressing room at Chez Luscious…

Natasha Wood - handbags in the dressing room - shoe closet

As the owner of quite a few pairs of shoes, I’m lucky enough to have a dressing room, which we’ve furnished with a large white IKEA shelving unit, a wardrobe and smaller shelving unit (flea markets finds), repainted in glossy red, and an old brown wooden dressing table which I picked up at a garage sale. All up, I’d say it is outfitted for about $300 and a lot of elbow grease.

Natasha's shoe closet - - shoe storage

One day, when we have some freedom to design the space from scratch, I’ll be looking at built in, floor-to-ceiling open shelving and lots of mirrored elements to bring in more light, and feminine colours and textures to create elegance.

Natasha's handbags - - shoe closet

How do you store YOUR shoes? On shelves? On the floor? In pockets hanging off the back of a door? Leave a comment below! And follow our Shoe closets and accessory storage board on Pinterest.

At home with Natasha Wood from Luscious - Dressing room

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We also have heaps of dressing rooms and shoes closets on Pinterest on our Luscious bedrooms, boudoirs and bathrooms board.

Cheers, Natasha



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