STYLISH HOME: Mirror, mirror, on the wall – Decorating with mirrors


PHOTOS: Here are some ideas for decorating with mirrors…





Here’s our gallery to give you some ideas for incorporating mirrors into your design:


anthropologie-collection-mirrors-redsmith-tolix-chair-brick-wall.jpgBeautiful home - - mirrored bathroom with multiple mirrors.jpgBeautiful home - - mirrored-entry_martha-stewart magazine.jpgBeautiful home - - modern-mirrored-furniture-megalux.jpgDecorating with mirrors - mirror mirror on the wall.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - Art Deco inspired living room.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - Bathroom.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - Beautiful mirror and candles.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - Chinoiserie - Tom Scheerer.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - convex mirror double.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - double_vision_mirror.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - gilt-mirror.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - Glass-Accents.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - mirror design ideas.pngDecorating with mirrors - - mirror mirror on the wall.pngDecorating with mirrors - - mirrored room with multiple mirrors.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - multiple mirrors together.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - Sarahs house - season1 - entrance hall.jpgDecorating with mirrors - - Valentino with model and mirror.jpgelle_decor_naeem_khan_tom_scheerer_via_design_for_men_Kibwe_Daisy.jpgMirror decoration - - Bathroom.jpgMirror decoration - - Bedroom - Hollywood Regency style.jpgMirror decoration - - Glass-Accents.jpgMirror decoration - - Gold sunshine mirror.jpgMirror decoration - - GrahamandGreen chair and mirror.jpgMirror decoration - - Luscious mirror and flowers.jpgMirror decoration - - Macassar Slant Giant Mirror and cabinet.jpgMirror decoration - - miles redd mirrored dressing room.jpgMirror decoration - - mirror as bedhead.jpgMirror decoration - - Mirror is from Graham and Green.jpgMirror decoration - - mirror mirror on the wall style.jpgMirror decoration - - mirror on wall (2).jpgMirror decoration - - Mirror on wall.jpgMirror decoration - - mirror.jpgMirror decoration - - mirrored bathroom with multiple mirrors.jpgMirror decoration - - Mirrored doors in living room.jpgMirror decoration - - mirrored furniture.jpgMirror decoration - - multiple mirrors together.jpgMirror decoration - - round curly mirror.pngMirror decoration - - Stunning mirrors set along wall.pngMirror decoration - - trad home mirror entryway.jpgMirror decoration - - Vintage mirrors from kimhas6cats.jpgmirror mirror - Decorating with mirrors - mirror on the wall- Decorating with mirrors - furniture - Decorating with mirrors - with multiple gold ornate mirrors on wall.jpgStylish home - - large gold mirror against the wall.jpgStylish home - - mirror mirror on the wall.jpegStylish home - - mirror mirror on the wall1.jpgStylish home - - mirrored bathroom with multiple mirrors.jpgStylish home - - multiple mirrors together.jpgWhite Rock home by Sarah Richardson Design for the VGH and UBC Hospital Lottery1.jpg

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Well, YOU, of course!

Just for fun, you might also like this “Mirror, mirror on the wall” trailer scene combo from the film Snow White and The Huntsman (2012)…








For more luscious home design inspiration, you might like these Facebook photo galleries:

I’m a big fan of mirrors (vain, perhaps?!) but I use them to circulate light around as many spaces as possible. I often cluster them together too, to add impact.

What about you? How do you decorate with mirrors in your home? Leave your comments below.




Invest in some mirrored items here:





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Buy more mirrored furniture from Linen n Things and Horchow.

Cheers, Natasha








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  1. Maryse January 23, 2016 at 3:16 am #

    I love that mirror in the entryway with that bench. Could you tell me where you purchased this mirror?

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