BOOK TO BUY: The Hundred Dresses – The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time

The Hundred Dresses - The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time via mylusciouslife

A suggestion from long-time Luscious Lifer, The Ancestral Poetess: She’s loving The Hundred Dresses: The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time by Erin McKeen, with illustrations by Donna Mehalko…

Many thanks for the tip! It’s perfect timing as I’m putting together a post about dresses with a glossary about the many different styles and when to wear each one. Watch this space.


Here are some other books about lovely frocks in history which might interest you:



100 Dresses - The Costume Institute – The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Harold KodaFashion - The Definitive History of Costume and Style by DK PublishingFifty Dresses That Changed the World by the Design MuseumPower and Style - A World History of Politics and Dress by Dominique Gaulme and Francois GaulmeSurvey of Historic Costume - A History of Western Dress by Phyllis G. Tortora and Keith EubankThe Worldwide History of Dress by Patricia Rieff AnawaltThe Hundred Dresses - The Most Iconic Styles of Our TimeThe Art of Dress - Clothes Through History 1500-1914 by Jane Ashelford




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