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Exterior appeal: A look at front gates, driveways and entryways…



Driveways and entrances - - English woodlands


We’re quick to judge a book – or a house – by what we see at the front, from the front gates, paths and fences to the garden and drive. So here is some inspiration which might enable you to revamp the first impressions of your own home.


Driveways and entrances - Pink_and_White_Dogwood_Trees_Lexington_Kentucky

Having lived in many rental apartment buildings and houses, it’s frustrating not being able to make structural changes, but I now have a lovely red bench (found cheaply and painted by yours truly) and I splurged on two urn bases and two faux hedge balls to put on top each.


Driveways and entrances - Westchester front gates -


These items add some formality to either side of the front door, and the red bench adds colour to an otherwise dull house exterior. See our Front doors and Door knobs and handles photo galleries for more ideas.







I wish our house looked like this one:


Driveways and entrances - white house - vintage Mercedes


With our latest home, Mr Luscious replaced the completely useless (broken) letterbox with one he built himself, with lovely large numbers of the front. It makes it more convenient for our visitors to locate our home.


Driveway with pink plants and trees - Driveways and entrances


Building the mailbox to a large size it is not only makes checking for mail easier, but also provides a waterproof spot for couriers to leave parcels if we’re not at home. You might also like our Luscious letterboxes album for your own inspiration.


Driveway_to_Nolands_Farm - Driveways and entrances


Poor Mr Luscious faithfully lugs a multitude of pot plants with us every time we move, and I feel awful as it happens, but grateful that we take pots of colour with us from home-to-home.

One day, once we’ve been able to buy and fix up our own place, they will be lovingly planted in the garden, English country style.


Tree-lined-driveway - Driveways and entrances - curb appeal


I dream about having a large luscious entryway with front gate, beautifully paved road and tree-lined driveway, winding slowly through luscious woodlands, to our front door. [sigh]


Driveways and entrances - curb appeal - - tree-lined-road


What are your tips for creating an inviting entrance to your home? Leave a comment below.



Driveways and entrances - - usa_kentucky_lexington_tree_lined_driveway.jpgDriveways and entrances - - English woodlands2.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Greenwich house23.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Greenwich house3.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Greenwich house5.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Main Ridge.jpgDriveways and entrances - - french driveway.jpgDriveways and entrances - - grand-tree-lined-driveway-in-the-mid-autumn.jpgDriveways and entrances - - american fall - driveway - barn house.jpgDriveways and entrances - - French driveway - pink blossom.jpgDriveways and entrances - - black and white driveway.jpgDriveways and entrances - - driveway and front gates.jpgDriveways and entrances - - driveway3.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Schonbrunn Palace Gardens in Autumn2.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Schonbrunn Palace Gardens in Autumn.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Hamptons driveway.jpgDriveways and entrances - - driveway to English country house.jpgDriveways and entrances - - tree-lined-driveway-in-washington.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway2.jpgDriveways and entrances - - driveway to tory burch house.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Tree-Lined-Driveway-to-Home.jpgDriveways and entrances - - driveway with blue door on garage.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Driveway_to_Nolands_Farm.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway6.jpgDriveways and entrances - - driveway1.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway4.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway9.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway5.jpgDriveways and entrances - - entrance-gates-and-tree-lined-drive1.jpgDriveways and entrances - - southern driveway.jpgDriveways and entrances - - Tree-Lined_Drive_on_Horse_Farm__Kentucky.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway10.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway3.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway7.jpgDriveways and entrances - - treelined driveway8.jpg



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Cheers, Natasha




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