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A glimpse into the world of Sofia Coppola, the award-winning American screenwriter, film director, producer, actress, designer, model, muse and style icon.

Sofia Coppola - - style icon

Once upon a time in magical land called New York, a beautiful baby girl named Sofia Coppola was born to parents, director Francis Ford Coppola and set decorator and artist Eleanor

Sofia Coppola - - style icon

Her grandfather was the late composer Carmine Coppola, sister of Roman Coppola and the late Gian-Carlo Coppola, her aunt was Talia Shire and her cousins were Nicolas CageJason Schwartzman and Robert Carmine. See the whole list of talented family members here.

louis-vuitton-core-values-campaign-francis-ford-coppola-Sofia Coppola

She attended Mills College and the California Institute of the Arts, and interned with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel when she was just 15.


After graduating, Coppola started a clothing line called ‘Milkfed’ that is sold exclusively in Japan.

Sofia Coppola - style icon

Her fashion sense was always apparent, and as a child she stayed in the wardrobe department of her father’s films.

Sofia Coppola on the cover of Vogue magazine

She is the darling of understated style; swathes of black on black have never looked more chic.

Sofia Coppola in her apartment

She is the modern face of classic style, like Audrey Hepburn before her, her style is never loud or flashy, and for that reason her style will never date.

The waifish beauty was handpicked in 2002 by fashion designer Marc Jacobs to be the muse of his house’s fragrance line. At the hands of contemporary art photographer Juergen Teller, Coppola’s disinterested gaze captured the Marc Jacobs aesthetic.

Sofia Coppola - - style icon

Following in his footsteps Coppola has collaborated with Louis Vuitton designing a small range of accessories to fill the gaps in her own classic, quaint wardrobe.

Sofia Coppola on the set of "Marie Antoinette" with Kirsten Dunst

On the side, Coppola became the third female director to be nominated for an Academy Award for Lost in Translation (2003). Her eye for style transforms her films and her attention to detail and aesthetic is above the majority of her peers.

That is one stylish resume!

More photos here:

sofia coppola - christian-dior-haute-couture-05.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon12.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon15.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon13.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon21.jpgsofia coppola - bill murray - on set lost in translation.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon19.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon1.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon2.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon18.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon23.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon22.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon8.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon3.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon10.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon24.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon6.jpgsofia coppola and thomas mars.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon11.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon7.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon14.jpgSofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon16.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon17.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue1.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon20.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon25.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue2.jpgsofia coppola and thomas mars2.jpgSofia Coppola - - style icon9.jpgsofia coppola - on set of dior ad.jpgSofia Coppola in a Chanel Paris-New York Collection dress.jpgSophia Coppola Daughter Walking in Soho New York.jpgsofia-coppola-louis-vuitton-black-alligator-leather-slim-clutch.jpgSofia Coppola2 - - style icon.jpgSofia Coppola1 - - style icon.jpgsofia coppola with her family.jpgsofia-coppola.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue10.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue3.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue4.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue5.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue6.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue7.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue8.jpgsofia coppola paris vogue9.jpg


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sofia coppola at home in New York -

Sofia Coppola at home in New York and Paris

Inside Sofia Coppola's homes in New York and Paris
sofia coppola louis vuitton bag collaboration - mylusciouslife.com1.jpg

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton handbag collection







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