LUSCIOUS STYLE: Chinoiserie furniture, wallpaper, fabric and accessories

Chinoiserie is a sophisticated style, merging Asian and European patterns, fabrics and textures to create a luscious look…

Think bright, bold jewel tones, elaborate patterns including toile, rich silks and satins, opulent, antique furniture from cabinets to lamps, and accessories made with exquisite porcelain china, and carved woods, wicker and bamboo.



Chinoiserie wallpaper and fabrics


Scroll through this gallery for inspiration (you may need to wait a moment for the galleries to load, sorry!):


Chinoiserie - Annie Selke - House Beautiful Feb 2009.jpgAdore Home magazine - chinoiserie collection - Jamie Herzlinger.JPGChinoiserie - Designers guild.jpgChinoiserie chic - degournay - Luscious blog.jpgchinoiserie dining room wallpaper.jpgChinoiserie style - Chinoiserie - Degournay.jpgChinoiserie style - chinoiserie bed decor.jpgChinoiserie style - luscious chinoiserie decorating.jpgChinoiserie style - luscious chinoiserie photos.jpgChinoiserie style - luscious chinoiserie style.jpgChinoiserie style - luscious chinoiserie.pngChinoiserie style - modern chinoiserie fabric.jpgChinoiserie style - robert allen chinoiserie fabric.jpgChinoiserie style - Thibaut chinoiserie designs.jpgdiana vreeland - chinoiserie.jpgGrant White Design chinoiserie living room.jpghouse and home magazine - chinoiserie dining room.jpgImages of chinoiserie - bedroom-palm-beach-wallpaper-vintage-Braff.jpgImages of chinoiserie - braemore-secret-garden-fabric.jpgImages of chinoiserie - Chinoiserie - of chinoiserie - chinoiserie bed decor.jpgImages of chinoiserie - Chinoiserie Degournay.jpgImages of chinoiserie - Chinoiserie ideas.jpgImages of chinoiserie - chinoiserie in the home.jpgImages of chinoiserie - Chinoiserie pix via Luscious.jpgImages of chinoiserie - chinoiserie style.jpgImages of chinoiserie - chinoiserie via Luscious.jpgImages of chinoiserie - chinoiserie via of chinoiserie - Chinoiserie via the Luscious blog.jpgImages of chinoiserie - Kirsty Lee Interiors bedroom display.jpgMary McDonald book - The Allure of Style.jpgmodern chinoiserie - sarah richardson design - sarahs house.jpgmodern chinoiserie decor dining table and chairs wallpaper.jpgPhotograph by Mark Luscombe-Whyte Georgian-town-house-House-tour-decorating-ideas-wall-art.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - bali-coral-scalamandre.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - braemore-emperors-garden-fabric.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie - mylusciouslife.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - Chinoiserie - Tom Scheerer.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie decorating.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - Chinoiserie design.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie fabric wallpaper.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie fabrics and wallpapers.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie ideas.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie interior design.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie styling.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie wallpaper fabrics.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie wallpapers and fabrics.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - lonny-de-vargas-.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - luscious chinoiserie - fabric and wallpaper.pngPhotos of chinoiserie - luscious chinoiserie images.pngPhotos of chinoiserie - luscious chinoiserie pictures.pngPhotos of chinoiserie - luscious chinoiserie style.pngPhotos of chinoiserie - luscious chinoiserie wallpaper and fabrics.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - mrs-howard-charlotte.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - ruthie-sommers.jpg









Chinoiserie furniture


Scroll through this gallery for inspiration:


Chinoiserie style - chippendale-chair-turquoise.jpgchinoiserie fabrics and wallpaper - yellow-chinoiserie.jpgchinoiserie furniture - green cabinet turquosie.jpgchinoiserie furniture - green-chinoiserie-chairs.jpgAdore Home magazine - chinoiserie wicker outdoor chairs.JPGchinoiserie panel screen.jpgchinoiserie collection from furniture and wallpaper - quince-chinoiserie.jpgchinoiserie furniture - bedroom.jpgchinoiserie furniture - wooden cabinet.jpgchinoiserie living room - Chinoiserie style furniture.jpgchinoiserie furniture - Dinning Chair  Upholstered Furniture.jpgChinoiserie style - chinoiserie chair - furniture.jpgchinoiserie fabrics and wallpaper - yellow-drape-chinoiserie.jpgRaffles ottoman from style - bamboo-chairs-via decorpad.jpgChinoiserie fabrics and wallpaper-Hand-Painted-Wallpaper-CHINOISERIE.jpgChinoiserie from Oscar de la Renta collection for Century Furniture2.jpgChinoiserie style - Faux Bamboo arm chair.jpgChinoiserie Fabrics and wallpapers - wallpaper1.jpgChinoiserie Fabrics and wallpapers - decorating_Power of Pairs.jpgChinoiserie style - chinoiserie collection of furniture.jpgChinoiserie Fabrics and wallpapers - lyford background meg braff 3.jpgChinoiserie Fabrics and wallpapers - panelled detail on ceiling.jpgChinoiserie style - modern chinoiserie living room.jpgChinoiserie style - chinoiserie interior decorating ideas.jpgChinoiserie style - chinoiserie chairs and accessories.jpgChinoiserie style - Mary McDonald book - The Allure of Style.jpgChinoiserie style - manuel-canovas-toile.jpgChinoiserie from Oscar de la Renta collection for Century Furniture.jpgChinoiserie style - artesian-bar-langham-hotel-london.jpgChinoiserie style - chinoiserie chair.jpgChinoiserie style - betsey-burnham.jpgChinoiserie style - chinoiserie panel screen.jpgChinoiserie style - Chinoiserie via Luscious blog.jpgChinoiserie style - kristen-buckingham-showroom.jpgMary McDonald book - The Allure of Style - decorating with chinoiserie.jpgChinoiserie style - LivingRoom_Linton_FE10.jpgchinoiserie-room-divider-screen.jpgcindy-crawford-jcpenney-foot-stool.jpgChinoiserie style - tea-party-jim-thompson-fabric.jpgj k capri com hotel italy - chinoiserie.jpgChinoiserie style - meg braff - bedroom chinoiserie style.jpgcolorful-chinoiserie-room-divider-screen.jpgChinoiserie style - miles-redd-bedroom-elle-decor.jpgChinoiserie style - modern chinoiserie living room ideas.jpgChinoiserie style - schuyler-samperton-interior-design-santa-monica.jpgmeg braff interior bedroom - East Hampton New York.jpgwhite round chinoiserie coffee table.jpghouse beautiful-decorating-redd-living room chinoiserie.jpglaurent-etagere-kristen-buckingham.jpgmodern chinoiserie living room.jpgjonathan adler chinoiserie chairs.jpgmeg braff interior bedroom west palm beach.jpgMartha Stewart Living - bathroom chinoiserie.jpgOutdoor furniture from McDonald book - The Allure of Style2.jpgEmma Roig - Kensington dining room - photographed by Simon Upton for Elle Decor April 2007.jpgmodern chinoiserie desk and chair.jpgAdore Home magazine - chinoiserie collection - Terrace Outdoor Living.JPG








Chinoiserie accessories


Scroll through this gallery for inspiration:


Hermes Balcon plates chinoiserie red china collection.jpegChinoiserie art by Belle Chasse Home on One Kings Lane.jpgwaylande-gregory-shou-gumps via mylusciouslife.pngChinoiserie - VIENNA PORCELAIN FACTORY  - DU PAQUIER.jpgWeego Home sells square pillows made from Florence Broadhurst hand-printed Asian-inspired fabric.jpgchinoiserie accessories - urban-road-chinoiserie.jpgc27-Photos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie decorating.jpgchinoiserie cages from Style at Home.jpgAccessories - interior design - chinoiserie stationery.jpgchinoiserie accessories via mylusciouslife blog.jpgchinoiserie ornament accessories - interior design.JPGaccessories - interior design chinoiserie-silk-screen.jpgchinoiserie inspiration via mylusciouslife blog.jpgchinoiserie accessories - bookends and lamps.jpgaccessories - interior design chinoiserie.jpgchinoiserie cushion via mylusciouslife blog.jpgChinoiserie stationery accessories - interior design.jpgchinoiserie photos via mylusciouslife blog.jpgAdore Home magazine - chinoiserie collection - Palm Springs style.JPGchinoiserie pix via mylusciouslife blog.jpgaqua chinoiserie-bamboo-mirror.jpgchinoiserie via mylusciouslife blog.jpgchinoiserie via mylusciouslife blog photos.jpgc27-Photos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie.jpgChinoiserie art by Belle Chasse Home on One Kings Lane2.jpegHorchow-maize-china via mylusciouslife.jpgchinoiserie via mylusciouslife blog pictures.jpgchinoiserie pictures via mylusciouslife blog.jpgchinoiserie chair via mylusciouslife.jpgjeff-lewis-garden-stool via mylusciouslife.jpgMary McDonald pagoda lamps.jpgchinoiserie hanging ornament.jpegchinoiserie ideas via mylusciouslife blog.jpgchinoiserie via mylusciouslife blog accessories.jpgchinoiserie-pagoda-mirror via mylusciouslife.jpgCirque-chinois-teapot via mylusciouslife.jpgMary McDonald pagoda lamps2.jpgdana-gibson-hamilton-beach-slow-cooker-bamboo.jpgMudan chinoiserie-room-divider-screen- via mylusciouslife.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie decor.jpgMary McDonald book - The Allure of Style3.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie accessories - interior design.jpghinoiserie-lamp-base via mylusciouslife.jpgPatrick Ediger Romain Bouticourt - Chinoiserie papermidnight_on_white_mylar.jpgplate accessories - interior design.jpghorchow-maize-china- accessories - interior design.jpgluscious chinoiserie accessories - interior design.jpgming-emperors accessories - interior design.pngoriente-italiano-ginori-saucer.jpgyellow-bamboo-chandelier via mylusciouslife.jpgPhotos of chinoiserie - chinoiserie accessories.jpgraquet-oriental-decoration- via mylusciouslife.jpgSherle-wagner-sink-bluechina_basin via mylusciouslife.jpgThomas-Paul-Chrysanthemums-Green-Twill-Madeline-Weinrib-Atelier-Orange-Black-Geometrical.jpgtiffany-cirque-chinois-vase.jpgvintage foo dog accessories - interior design.JPG










And you might also like these photo gallery index pages for many more inspiring photos:




Go shopping for Chinoiserie-inspired products here:







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Cheers, Natasha






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