SHOP THIS LOOK: Elegant bedroom design ideas – Part 1

HOME DECOR IDEAS: Bedroom design using navy, white and yellow


SHOP THIS LOOK PART 1: Here are some online shopping ideas to give your bedroom a refreshed elegant look, which I’ve hunted down at Nordstrom (now shipping internationally, including to Australia).

This design focuses on navy, white and yellow/gold…

(See PART 2 here)



STYLISH BEDROOM IDEAS: Jill Rosenwald 'Hampton Links' Bedding Collection

Jill Rosenwald ‘Hampton Links’ Bedding Collection




STYLISH HOME: Magnolia Home White Wooden Side Table

Magnolia Home white wooden side table




BEAUTIFUL BEDROOMS: Jill Rosenwald 'Copley Hampton Links' Pillow

Jill Rosenwald ‘Copley Hampton Links’ pillow




STYLISH HOME ACCESSORIES: Market Street Candles 'Moroccan' Candle

Market Street Candles ‘Moroccan’ candle



STYLISH HOME ACCESSORIES: Bloomingville 'Julie' Bamboo Serving Tray

Bloomingville ‘Julie’ bamboo serving tray




PRETTY CUSHIONS: Jill Rosenwald 'Hampton Links' Yellow and White Stripe Pillow

Jill Rosenwald ‘Hampton Links’ yellow and white stripe pillow 



ELEGANT BEDROOM FURNITURE: Uttermost 'Viera' Sandy White Small Bench

Uttermost ‘Viera’ sandy white small bench





PRETTY PILLOWS: Jill Rosenwald 'Copley Hampton Links' 12" x 20" Pillow

Jill Rosenwald ‘Copley Hampton Links’ pillow




SIDE TABLE PHOTO IDEAS: Uttermost 'Genell' side table

Uttermost ‘Genell’ side table






DASH & ALBERT ‘Awning’ stripe rug




PRETTY CUSHION: Jill Rosenwald 'Hampton Links' yellow pillow

Jill Rosenwald ‘Hampton Links’ yellow pillow





PRETTY STORAGE FOR ACCESSORIES: Rosanna 'Kashmir' nesting catchall trays (set of 2)

Rosanna ‘Kashmir’ nesting catchall trays (set of 2)





SOPHISTICATED PILLOW DESIGN: Nautica 'Fretwork' pillow

Nautica ‘Fretwork’ pillow







See more bedroom looks via our Pinterest boards “Shop this look: Decor” and “Bedrooms, boudoirs and bathrooms“.

More from Nordstrom Home. Happy shopping!

Natasha xx








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