A luscious life: Picnics

Pretty picnic table via mylusciouslife

Picnics can be as simple or as lavish as you like. Here are some picnic photos to inspire you to embrace the sunshine, throw a few luscious food and drink items into a basket, and head outside for a break…



Picnic lunch - picnic - vintage car.jpgbuckhead-bag-cute-green lattice picnic bag.jpgCountryliving.com - Lakeside Table with lunch setting and colourful flowers.jpgburlap-vintage-china-silverware-vases-patron-bottle-wedding-centerpiece.jpgLighting for picnic table.jpegMothers Day Tea Party - Colorful Spread of floral elements - Countryliving.com - picnic.jpgCountryliving.com - Basket on Antique Cowhide Chair.jpgLuscious outdoor living - mylusciouslife.com - stone picnic table - concrete picnic table  via pinterest.jpgPhoto picnic - Linen-napkins-silverware.jpgCountryliving.com - Summer Garden Party - stack of white plates with green-tinted white of a Limelight hydrangea.jpgCountryliving.com - Sunflower Wedding - lantern hanging from tree.jpgbest-garden-picnic-bag-market.jpgPicnic - mylusciouslife.jpgElegant picnic via mylusciouslife.jpgFamily picnic - yellow pattern picnic blanket.jpgabbey-dawn-red-picnic-bag.jpgPicnic areas - Fall Tailgating.jpgMartha Stewart - 60 Outdoor Party Ideas - Pretty Paper Lanterns.jpgFood for picnic - Apple cake for a picnic - Live lusciously with LUSCIOUS.jpgFood for picnic - Champagne-Picnic.jpgFood for picnic via cupcakes and cashmere.jpgHermes Kelly Picnic Bag.jpgPicnic dinner - beach table setting style me pretty.jpgKate Hudson flapper fashion on a picnic.JPGPicnic ideas recipes - Roast beef and watercress rolls.jpgKissing-Rabbits-Cool-Bag-from-Urbancuckoo.jpgPicnic dishes - Luscious living.jpgPicnic dinner - basic-potato-salad.jpgOutdoor picnic - mylusciouslife.jpgPhoto picnic - jack-frosters-blog-photo.jpgPicnic ideas recipes - Pavlova with Fresh Berries.jpgPicnic food ideas - Tea Party - floral tea cup and saucer with flowers in vase.jpgPhoto picnic - kevin_sharkey_july_2001_picnic_tins.jpgPicnic photo - mylusciouslife.com.jpgPicnic garden - Elkin-arrangement-lr.jpgPicnic food ideas - picnic-food.jpgpicnic at the beach.jpgPicnic basket ideas - DIY_Painted_Picnic_Blanket.jpgPicnic menu - A luscious picnic.jpgpicnic food ideas - food photos - 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Here’s how Mr Luscious and I enjoy a luscious picnic…

Mr Luscious and I live on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne, so have the beach and winery-filled hinterland all around us, so picnic lunches are a regular part of our weekend plans.

We have a beautiful grey wicker basket with four bottle holders around the sides, filled with pretty plastic crockery, cutlery, mugs and glassware, as well as a silver thermos, napkins and tiny containers of essentials such as teabags and sugar. We also have a selection of sturdy plastic containers, from tiny to large, square and round, to accommodate all picnic menu ideas, from small finger food and condiments, to large salads and desserts.

This makes it easy to throw together some easy, picnic-friendly foods, put them into the sealed containers, grab bottles of wine and mineral water, and fill the thermos with hot water for a cup of tea later.

We also have a fab picnic blanket which folds up with a handle, and lives permanently in the car. And if we think we’ll be out in the direct sun for long, we take hats and sunscreen.

If you’re up for the full picnic experience, I suggest adding a second bag, such as a picnic or beach tote, filled with a portable radio/iPod player, books, magazines or Kindle, a cardigan or throw, and candles and matches so you can stay out into the evening if the weather remains kind to you. A jar filled with cold water can also be a nice touch as it enables you to fill it with wildflowers, if you are lucky enough to come across some.

Remember to include some plastic bags for rubbish and dirty plates when tidying up at the end of it all, and insect repellent.

We tend to keep our picnic food simple. And if it’s not simple, we ensure it’s as ready-to-serve as possible, ie. it’s a pain to be cutting up and mixing things together on a rug or section of sand or lawn, but if you are going to do this, ensure you’ve got all the utensils such as sharp knives, a cutting board and serving spoons.



Here is some picnic-related shopping: 







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