Know your fashion history: Perfume perfection

Boudoir tray of perfume bottles

We all have our favourite, the perfume which gives us an air of beauty whenever sprayed, the scent our loved ones know us by and which we grow to love on those we adore… 

writing paper, flowers and perfume bottles.jpgantique perfume bottles and feather.jpg1920s VINTAGE MOUSON PERFUME GLASS BOTTLE.jpgBallerina beauty - - Eaudemoiselle-Givenchy perfume2.jpg1960s Carven Paris France Perfume Bottle.jpgBallerina beauty - - Flowerbomb Tutu perfume by Viktor and Rolf.jpgBaccarat Perfume Bottles in the Jasmine Swirl Pattern.JPGAllure Homme Edition Blanche Cologne by Chanel for Men Eau De Toilettes.jpgArt Deco pink vintage perfume atomizer.jpgCoco Perfume For Women by Chanel.jpgBaccarat crystal Perfume Bottle 1912 Astris L.T. Piver.JPGArt Deco Perfume Bottle.jpgBallerina beauty - - givenchy-dance-with-givenchy perfume.jpgBetsey Johnson - New York apartment - perfume launch4.jpgBLEU DE CHANEL PARIS - EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY 3.4 OZ FOR MEN.jpgAnnick Goutal Eau De Toilette.jpgperfume tray.jpgAnthropologie and Le Labo fragrance.jpgantique perfume bottles2.jpgAntique Cobalt Glass Perfume Bottle Circa 1890.jpgChanel 19 bottle of perfume.jpgantique perfume atomizer - Gold embossed metal.jpgperfume bottles from romantichome.blogspot.com5.jpgcollections of vintage perfume bottles.jpgchanel-no.5-perfume.jpgDressing table Mas de Berard vintage perfume bottles.jpgCuir de Russie de Vonna.jpgAntique perfume atomizer - Gold.jpgCuir Caucasien perfume bottles.JPGGenuine Jean Patou JOY Baccarat Crystal Perfume Bottle.JPGAllure Sensuelle by Chanel for Women, Eau De Parfum Spray.jpgFrench Vintage Glass Violettes Perfume Bottles.jpgBoudoir tray of perfume bottles2.jpgFRENCH DELICATE PINK GLASS PERFUME VAPORIZER.JPGCasanova Perfume bottle.JPGChanel No.19 Eau De Parfum Spray.jpgjeanne lanvin perfume.jpgHermes-Perfume-24-Faubourg.jpgCoco Mademoiselle by Chanel for Women, Eau De Parfum Spray.jpgperfume bottles from romantichome.blogspot.com4.jpghermes perfume1.jpgluscious perfume bottle.jpgperfume bottles from romantichome.blogspot.com6.jpgluscious perfume bottles.jpgLovely perfume.jpgEcstasy by Deltah.jpgPerfume Bottles 3.jpgGrenoville perfume bottle.JPGmirror and perfume1.pngNo. 5 by Chanel for Women.jpgMiss Dior perfume and ornate earrings  - mylusciouslife.jpgPerfume bottles from romantichome.blogspot.com1.jpgGuerlain Imperial perfume bottles.jpgHistoires De Parfums 1969.jpgIsabel Maria perfume bottles.JPGperfume bottles from - two bottles of perfume.jpgle_lys_perfume_bottle.jpgLollia Eau De Parfum Classic petal.jpgmaison_guerlain perfume bottle.jpgMiss Dior perfume bottle.jpgperfume bottles from romantichome.blogspot.com7.jpgPerfume bottles on a dressing table50.jpgperfume-bottle20.jpgpieces inc vintage perfume bottles.JPGRomantic picture of pink perfume and flowers.jpgRoyal Apothic Rollerball - Quince.jpgvintage antique cut glass PERFUME BOTTLE SET 3 bottles.JPGperfumes.JPGs 5 cent German Cologne - Victorian amethyst perfume bottle.JPGVera Wang Princess perfume.jpgperfume bottles from romantichome.blogspot.com2.jpgSource Parfumee in the village of Gourdon in Provence.jpgs FRENCH JET BLACK GLASS PERFUME VAPORIZER.JPGCRISTALLE For Women By CHANEL Eau de Toilette Spray.jpgShalimar blue perfume bottle.jpgtocca eau de parfum.jpgTokyoMilk Parfumarie Curiosite.jpgVintage Lanvin perfume bottles.JPG


Perfumes have long been a vital finishing touch to our beauty regime, but there is not only an art in making each fragrance unique, but in choosing which suit your individual style and flair.

Elizabeth Taylor - vintage vanity perfume dressing table





A little bit of perfume history

We all know perfumes have been around for years, yet the history and extent of their uses are quite amazing. Back in ancient times, Egyptians utilised perfumed balms for religious ceremonies and before lovemaking. 

Perfume bottle

While myrrh and frankincense were used to scent the air around them, rose and peppermint were mixed with oils and applied to the skin. This shows us that we have not distanced greatly from our ancestors, simply added more variations to our scents and aromatherapy oils.

Opium perfume advertisement - Yves Saint Laurent

The power of smell has been used for thousands of years to enhance our surroundings and general mood. Popularity of perfumes has varied throughout the ages, lessening in popularity around the formation of Christianity and regaining composure during the medieval period.

Anthropologie crystal perfume bottles

Due to such a desire for new scents, spice trade routes were formed across seas and new concoctions created. Objects then began to be applied with fragrance and, like a natural progression; the first non-greasy eau de cologne was created in the Gregorian era (and used as both bath and mouthwash!).

Chanel No 5 perfume ad starring Nicole Kidman

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The nose

Enter any perfume factory in the world and there is a uniquely gifted individual who reins supreme over the hundreds of bottles of scents that line the lab. They are known simply as ‘the nose’ and in short, the nose knows all.

Marc Jacobs "Daisy" perfume

While the exact formulas for each perfumes created are highly confidential, it is the nose that creates the final product and can depict all its ingredients from simply inhaling.

Elizabeth Taylor - perfume: Violet Eyes

Choosing your signature scent

While most women have a handful of perfumes to suit their personalities and moods, choosing a signature scent can be a difficult task.

Chance by Chanel for Women, Eau De Toilette Spray

First you must understand the strength of perfumes and what scents best suit your skin (as the same fragrance can smell completely different on you and your best friend.

Scarlett Johansson - fragrance Dolce e Gabbana

While eau de toilettes are cheaper, they are also a great deal weaker and will not last as long as eau de parfum or cologne-so stick with the real deal and it will linger on your limbs.

Anick Goutal perfume


When smelling a new fragrance, apply it to a small sample card then wait at least 10 mins before deciding if you like it or not. Perfumes take time to mature in the air and can change dramatically once they are settled.

 Sarah Jessica Parker in a ballerina frock for "Lovely" perfume ad

When applying your scent, spray it onto pulse points (ie. on the inside of your wrists, under your ears and behind your knees) as well as a little in the air to walk through. Remember that you should never rub these areas together to help the spray dry as it smothers the smell.

Kate Moss in a perfume ad for YSL "Parisienne"

Most importantly, remember that your scent should complement you, not drown-you so don’t get too trigger-happy.


Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle and pink hyacinths



Famous fragrances

Much like any facet of the beauty industry, scents have been increasingly associated with celebrities in recent years, with stars not only endorsing top brands, but given the license to create their own signature collection.

While they may not be expert noses, celebrities have a strong pull when selling cosmetics and perfume is no exception.

Learn more about the history of perfume.



Perfume ads - - Natalie Portman for Miss Cherie Dior perfume.jpgPerfume ads - - Acqua di Gio fragrance-for-men.jpgPerfume ads - - burberry-ad-Agness-Deyn-perfume.jpgPerfume ads - - Chanel Chance perfume ad.jpgBallerina beauty - - Dance-With-Givenchy-perfume-ad.jpgPerfume ads - - chanel allure perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Calvin-Klein-Man-Ad.jpgBallerina beauty - - Eau de moiselle - Givenchy perfume.jpgPerfume ads - - christian dior jadore perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - tom ford perfume ad2.jpgBallerina beauty - - ferragamo attimo perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - 24 faubourg hermes perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - chloe perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - ange ou demon_mariedevillepin.jpgPerfume ads - - estee-lauder-private collection perfume-ad.jpgPerfume ads - - echo davidoff perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Guerlain jicky perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Anna-Sui-Rock-Me-Perfume-Ad.jpgPerfume ads - - balenciaga fragrance ad.jpgPerfume ads - - beckham perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Estee Lauder Beautiful.JPGPerfume ads - - beyonce_heat_perfume.jpgPerfume ads - - calvin klein secret obsession perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - euphoria perfume ad_calvin_klein_.jpgPerfume ads - - escada_rockin_rio_perfume_for_women_by_escada.jpgPerfume ads - - chanel_1973_catherine deneuve.jpgPerfume ads - - evan-rachel-wood-gucci-guilty-perfume-ad-campaign.jpgPerfume ads - - helena_rubenstein_wanted perfume ad demi moore.jpgPerfume ads - - Calvin Klein--Kate Moss as androgenous nude perfume obsession ad.jpgPerfume ads - - estee lauder gyneth paltrow pleasures delight ad.jpgPerfume ads - - chanel no5 audrey tautou.jpgPerfume ads - - ferragamo-incanto-charms-perfume-ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Escada_Sunset_Heat_Perfume_for_Women_by_Escada.jpgPerfume ads - - Emporio Armani perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Sarah Jessica Parker Endless Ad Visual.jpgPerfume ads - - Flora by Gucci.jpgPerfume ads - - Diesel ad Gaelle.jpgPerfume ads - - jean_paul_gaultier perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - jean_paul_gaultier_fragile.jpgPerfume ads - - Dior Me Dior Me Not Perfume by Christian Dior.jpgPerfume ads - - Gwyneth estee lauder perfume ad - light breeze.jpgPerfume ads - - Jacques Fath Yin Yang perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Dior Midnight-Poison-Ad.jpgPerfume ads - - jessica simpson - fancy perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - John-Galliano-Ad.jpgPerfume ads - - kim_kardashian_perfume_ad.jpgPerfume ads - - estee lauder perfume ad pleasures elizabeth hurley.jpgPerfume ads - - kenzo_amour_eau_de_parfum_olga_kurylenko.jpgPerfume ads - - moschino glamour.jpgPerfume ads - - only_givenchy_perfume_for_women_by_givenchy.jpgPerfume ads - - Prada-Amber perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Keira Knightly Chanel coco.jpgPerfume ads - - jessica-stam-nina-ricci-perfume.jpgPerfume ads - - Miss-Dior-Cherie-EDP-Ad.jpgPerfume ads - - hillary duff with love perfume.jpgPerfume ads - - van cleef perfume Oriens-Ad.jpgPerfume ads - - lair_du_temps_perfume_for_women_by_nina_ricci.jpgPerfume ads - - halle-berry-perfume-ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Lara-Stone-Prada-Sasha-Pivovarova.jpgPerfume ads - - Nina by Nina Ricci Perfume Fragrance.jpgPerfume ads - - ysl_opium-karen-elson perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - promesse Cacheral.jpgPerfume ads - - Jean Paul Gaultier perfume ad  Angel Glam.jpgPerfume ads - - SJP lovely perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - miss Dior cherie Print perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - paco rabanne perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - kylie-sexy-darling_ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Rafael-Nadal-Lanvin-Ad.jpgPerfume ads - - jennifer-lopez-still perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - tempting-dior-jadore-perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - justin timberlake givenchy macys promo.jpgPerfume ads - - kylie-minogue-couture-ad.jpgPerfume ads - - liv tyler givenchy_very_irresistible.jpgPerfume ads - - tom ford perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - naomi watts angel thierry-mugler-print-ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Pure_Poison_-_Dior.jpgPerfume ads - - Valentino-Perfume-B.jpgPerfume ads - - Ralph-Lauren-Notorious-Ad.jpgPerfume ads - - so lolita perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Tom Ford White Patchouli With Erikah Badu.jpgPerfume ads - - SJP Covet perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - Vera-Wang-Princess-vera-wang perfume.jpgPerfume ads - - victor rolf flowerbomb perfume ad.jpgPerfume ads - - vintage-perfume-kate-moss.jpgPerfume ads - - Yves Saint Laurent perfume ad Rive Gauche.jpg



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