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We’ve been having some trickiness with the Luscious blog not working, so my apologies to everyone who has come to visit and received the dreaded “403” error page instead!

Fingers crossed it’s now resolved.

Natasha xx


LUSCIOUS BEDROOM: My new Wedgwood bed linen

Wedgwood Living Hibiscus blue and white bed linen set


For those of you who are loving my new Wedgwood bed linen set, you can buy it online from David Jones in Australia.

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Natasha xx

EDITORIAL: Kate Winslet by Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2013

FASHION EDITORIAL: Kate Winslet by Alexi Lubomirski for Harper's Bazaar UK April 2013

Kate Winslet by Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2013

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EDITORIAL: Marion Cotillard by Ben Hassett for Harpers Bazaar UK December 2012

Fashion editorial: Marion Cotillard by Ben Hassett for Harpers Bazaar UK December 2012

Marion Cotillard by Ben Hassett for Harpers Bazaar UK December 2012

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DOMESTIC GODDESS: Home organisation

Wanting to become more organised? Have a flick through these great ideas for some home organisation.


Home organisation ideas - - declutter-martha stewart-linen-closet.pngHome organisation ideas - - Books variations via lonny.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha  numbers.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home organising ideas1.jpgHome organisation ideas - -  home organisation1012.jpgHome organisation ideas - -  home organising ideas.jpgHome organisation ideas - -  via stair storage ideas5.jpgHome organisation ideas - - accessories closet.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Baskets and boxes via lonny.jpgHome organisation ideas - - closet organisation.pngHome organisation ideas - - home organisation books.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home organisation101.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha baskets.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha bathroom shelf.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home organisation1010.jpgHome organisation ideas - - linen closet.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha desk.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha desk3.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home storage.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home storage2.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha pebble tray.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home storage3.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home storage4.jpgHome organisation ideas - - via stair storage ideas6.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home storage5.jpgHome organisation ideas - - home storage6.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha kids storage.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Hooks for purses.jpgHome organisation ideas - - ikea bookshelf.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha drawer.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha entryway.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha kitchen.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha knobs enterance.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha laundry.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha orange shelf.jpgHome organisation ideas - - via home organising ideas13.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha organizer-locker.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha plastic bags.jpgHome organisation ideas - - via home organising ideas14.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha private spaces.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha desk2.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha ribbon organisation.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha shoe trays.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Ribbon Storage from Copper Gutters Martha Stewart.jpgHome organisation ideas - - Martha sink.jpgHome organisation ideas - - shoe boxes.jpgHome organisation ideas - - via home organising ideas10.jpgHome organisation ideas - - via home organising ideas2.jpgHome organisation ideas - - via stair storage ideas9.jpg


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PERSONAL UPDATE: A writer’s life in the countryside

LUSCIOUS LIVING: A writer's life in the country


Luscious Lifers, new posts are once again largely on hold as I finally, finally, finally try to get back to focussing on writing my books after many months of upheaval re: our house move (back) to Red Hill, and some other personal bits and pieces.

Fortunately, it’s the first day of Spring here on the Mornington Peninsula, so hopefully the sunnier days and blossoming gardens will help get me back on track too. If you’d like to see some snippets from the new house, do scroll through my Instagram pix.

Most days, I’m doing some cooking (expanding my low carb, ketogenic diet options), taking Mabel for a walk or game in the surrounding countryside, learning French and playing tennis. After years of corporate work, it’s absolute bliss to have this freedom, and I can’t thank Mr Luscious enough for supporting my creative endeavours. I am so very lucky and very happy.

I’ve now got five books on the go, at various stages of completion, including a literary murder mystery, a French travel guide, and an attempt at humour. Slowly but surely, I hope they will all find their way to those of you who are interested.

If you’re craving something luscious to inspire you whilst I potter around behind the scenes, please consider going back to the archives on the blog via the Photo Galleries tab, or browse through the myriad boards on Pinterest. For something new, remember to check out Facebook and Instagram where it’s easier for me to post more regularly.

Thank you for all your ongoing support of my little Luscious venture!

Natasha xx


LUSCIOUS NEWS: Technical update

Hi Luscious Lifers,

Unfortunately we’re experiencing some technical issues so some of the Luscious site won’t be working properly for you, including the Luscious Shop. It is very, very annoying and copious amounts of coffee and chocolate may be consumed in the process.

Thanks for your patience!

Natasha xx


STYLISH HOME: Pool houses and tennis pavilions

Pictures of pool houses

UPDATED: Thinking of adding a pool house or tennis pavilion to your property? Or just dreaming of one? Then enjoy this collection of beautiful photos which might inspire your design…

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STYLISH HOME: Luxury garage design

UPDATED: A look at ways to store your (real or fantasy) luxury cars in a glamorous fashion, with these stylish home garage design ideas… 

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FAMOUS FOLK AT HOME: Candace Bushnell’s homes in Manhattan and Litchfield Hills

FOR SALE Candace Bushnell home for sale - 45 East 9th Street New York

*UPDATED: Candace Bushnell is selling her 45 East 9th Street apartment – new photos below…

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Hermes Birkin bag and scarf -

UPDATED: Here’s a look at the iconic Hermes Birkin bag…

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ROYALTY: Monaco royal family news


JULY 2015: Pierre Casiraghi (son of Princess Caroline, and grandson of Grace Kelly) and his aristocratic girlfriend of seven years, Beatrice Borromeo, are getting married with a civil ceremony at Monaco’s Pink Palace on Saturday to be followed by a garden party for over 700 guests.

A week later, a grand religious ceremony will be held on the Borromean islands in Italy, privately owned by the bride’s family. More via Hello and PopSugar.


MONACO ROYAL WEDDING 2015: Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo


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