Welcome to our new Luscious website!

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We’re very excited to launch our revamped LUSCIOUS website

Thanks for visiting our new site, and for your patience as we fix all the odd bits and pieces that are wonky, including broken images and links. We don’t want you to have a bad experience so do leave a comment or send an email if you come across something that isn’t working.

Our first Luscious website went live back on Christmas Day 2009 so it’s fabulous to have our new-and-improved website launched three years later (December 2012). We’ve done a lot of growing, experimenting and learning, and created a lot of lovely new friendships along the way…

Luscious blog - John Rawlings - Parking garage - November, 1952 Vogue

The Luscious site has always been about creating an environment in which we could celebrate luscious living, so it’s roughly categorised into being a style leader, social butterfly and domestic goddess to cover fashion, travel, decor, food and all the other fabulous things in our daily lives (see more under the Categories section in the right column of this Luscious blog).

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Learn more about me (Natasha Wood) and the creation of the Luscious blog, and my fab Luscious team.

Audrey Hepburn Mel Ferrer in 1955

Here’s how the site works

Most of our content is in the Luscious blog, which we update several times a day, seven days a week.

Then we have our Luscious photo galleries which are indexed into categories, such as Architecture and design: beautiful buildings, gardens and decor, Beach, pool and outdoor living, and Historical style: fashion, film, architecture.

You can also read about the Luscious team, and contact us to discuss editorial submissions, advertising and media requests, or let us know if something is not working on the site.

Lucien Lelong - Purple frock - luscious fashion illustration

How to find content on the site

  • You can use the SEARCH function (top of the right column), or scroll down the right side and look for the latest posts or to delve into specific categories.
  • At the bottom of the blog pages, you’ll see that each page is numbered. This does not remain static as it moves each time content is added or amended, so if you want to link to a favourite post, be sure to open the post individually so it has it’s own URL name (eg. /specific-post-name rather than a /page2 type URL).
  • Within a blog post, you can click on pink-highlighted words and phrases which have been “tagged” eg. “style icon” which will show a page full of all content where “style icon” has been mentioned. Note: The pink highlighter also applies to external links but you can hover over the text and the link will appear in the bottom left of your screen so you can check before you click.

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Share the lusciousness

Become a Luscious Lifer: Join the Luscious family by signing up via the righthand column log-in form. This enables you to leave comments and receive our upcoming Daily Dose of Lusciousness email which will deliver you an update of the day’s latest posts (you can always unsubscribe later if it’s all too much!).

RSS feed: We’ll also be including an RSS feed through this new site, but just haven’t got to it yet, sorry! We’ll let you know via our blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts once it’s set up.

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Community spirit

Over three years, we’ve grown into an online community of over 100,000 Luscious Lifers and received up to 2 million unique views a week – fabulous! So we’ve tried to create a new system to enable you to still enjoy all the content but interact more through the comments system, and in time, the new Luscious forum.

Feel free to leave a comment about what you’d like to see, make suggestions about improvements we could make to the site which would make your daily catchup all the more enjoyable, and be sure to select from the “What do you think of this post” options under each post.

beautiful desk area with books and chandelier

Technical bits and pieces

We slowly built up content on the old site using the DNN platform through much trial and error, extending to FacebookTwitterYouTube and Pinterest along the way.

This time around, we’ve been learning a new system (WordPress) and hopefully providing both an inspirational and functional site for you to escape into. After our success with Facebook, we decided that the blog format was best for us, hence this glamarama new look-and-feel of the Luscious blog.

We had over 80 pages on the old Luscious website, with about 10 posts per page, as well as about 10 posts on our Facebook page every day for 3 years. We’ve moved a tiny fraction of that content across to this new site and intend to keep doing so as time permits, as well as adding fresh new content every day.

Luscious blog - A luscious stack of vintage books - mylusciouslife

Thank you

Thank you to my Luscious team, past and present, for sharing the lusciousness and laughing a lot (my favourite past time!) in order to bring our little Luscious world to more and more like-minded luscious folk.

Luscious website - treelined drive to French chateau

What’s next for Luscious?

Well, we’re working on a Luscious app (both free and premium content) as well as working to commercialise our venture without compromising the brand we’ve worked so hard to develop.

Please be patient as we recreate the 3000+ beautiful photo galleries comprising over 80,000 luscious images on this new site – in the meantime, feel free to explore them through our Facebook page. Remember that we’ve got 50,000+ photos already pinned on our Pinterest boards too.

gold retro phone

Learn a little more about us, and contact us here.

Cheers, Natasha






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