Luscious at the movies: Films about having a baby

Continuing on with our baby theme, here are some movies about having a baby and being a parent which might entertain you…


Father of the Bride II 1995.jpgFather of the Bride II 1995 baby.jpgBaby Boom 1987.jpgBaby Boom 1987 baby.jpgBaby Mama 2008.jpgBaby Mama 2008 Tina and Amy.jpgAway We Go 2009.jpgAway We Go 2009 John Maya.jpgJunebug 2005.jpgJunebug 2005 Amy Adams.jpgFathers Little Dividend 1951.jpgFathers Little Dividend 1951 baby.jpgKnocked Up 2007.jpgKnocked Up 2007 hospital.jpgFools Rush In 1997.jpgFools Rush In 1997 Matthew and Salma.jpgFor Keeps 1988.jpgFor Keeps 1988 baby.jpgFunny About Love 1990.jpgJunior 1994.jpgJunior 1994 baby.jpgJuno 2007.jpgMaybe Baby 2000.jpgMaybe Baby 2000 - Hugh and Joely.jpgParenthood 1989.jpgParenthood 1989 Steve Martin.jpgNine Months 1995.jpgNine Months 1995 baby.JPGLife As We Know It 2010.jpgLife As We Know It 2010 feeding.jpgLook Whos Talking 1989.jpgLook Whos Talking 1989 baby.jpgPenny Serenade 1941.jpgPenny Serenade baby.jpgRaising Arizona 1987.jpgRaising Arizona 1987 baby.jpgRiding in Cars with Boys 2001.jpgRiding in Cars with Boys 2001 Drew and baby.jpgShes Having a  Baby 1988.jpgShes Having a  Baby 1988 baby.jpgThe Next Best Thing 2000.jpgThe Next Best Thing 2000 Rupert.jpgThe Object of My Affection 1998 cover.jpgThe Object of My Affection 1998.jpgThree Men and a Baby 1987.jpgThree Men and a Baby 1987 baby.jpgThree Men and a Little Lady 1990.jpgThree Men and a Little Lady 1990 Tom Selleck.jpgWaitress 2007.jpgWaitress 2007 Keri Russell.jpgWhat To Expect When Youre Expecting 2012.jpgWhat To Expect When Youre Expecting 2012 baby bumps.jpgWhere the Heart Is 2000.jpgWhere the Heart Is 2000 Natalie Portman.JPG







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