Mother of pearl colour inspiration: Creams, golds and pinks

Here are some photos including jewellery, furniture and decorating ideas based on mother-of-pearl and related sheens…

According to Wikipedia, “nacre” (aka mother of pearl) is an organic-inorganic composite material produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer; it is also what makes up the outer coating of pearls. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent. 

But what I see is simply pretty, shiny stuff! So take a look at these lovely photos of some mother-of-pearl textured items:


Inspired by mother of pearl lobby.jpgBrown MOP Crackle Seashell Sheeting-Mother of pearl.jpgCelestina Marcel Soriano iridescent mother-of-pearl oyster shell clutch.jpgMaya Romanoff Mother of Pearl.jpgmother of peal button necklace.JPGMother of pearl - marjorie living room design inc.jpgMother of pearl - anthropologie.jpgMother of pearl - beige fabric heels with pearls.pngMother of pearl - beigey yellow grasscloth.jpgMother of pearl - bracelet-chanel-chanel-necklace-cute-fashion.jpgMother of pearl - Chair In Bath HB.jpgMother of pearl - Brown MOP Crackle Seashell Sheeting.jpgMother of pearl - celestina clutch.jpgMother of pearl - Chair In Bath Elle Decor.jpgMother of pearl - kirklandss.jpgMother of pearl - chairs in beige neutral.jpgMother of pearl - lapicida.jpgMother of pearl - creamy beige guest house.jpgMother of pearl - detailed pearl inspired white romantic frock.jpgMother of pearl - lamp Redefined- crystal base.jpgMother of pearl - gilmour-interior-decorating-island.jpgMother of pearl - Gold Mother of Diagonal Squares Shell Tile.jpgMother of pearl - pale pink inspiration.jpgMother of pearl - chairInBathHouseBeautiful2.jpgMother of pearl - gray mouldings.jpgMother of pearl - HB bath cabinet.jpgmother of pearl cushions2.jpgmother of pearl - pale pink inspiration buttons.jpgMother of pearl - pink-mop-ring.jpgMother of pearl - elle decor.jpgMother of pearl - simple silence by dina green.pngMother of pearl - house beautiful.jpgMother of pearl - set-of-2-tellus-canisters.jpgMother of pearl - serena_drum_chan.jpgMother of pearl - living-room.jpegMother of pearl - melissa ceramics.jpgMother of pearl - of pearl - ornate pearl inspired top.jpgmother of pearl cutlery2.jpgMother of pearl - Neal Beckstedt.jpgmother of pearl - pale pink inspiration ring.jpgMother of pearl - pearls.jpgMother of pearl - sea shell mop mother of pearl beads.jpgMother of pearl - sequinned clutch - maybe louis vuitton.jpgMother of pearl - new pretty.jpgMother of pearl - serena-chandelier.jpgSterling-Silver-Square-Inlayed-Pink-Mother-Of-Pearl-Mosaic-Ring.jpgmother of pearl cushions.jpgstephen-webster-shattered-mother-of-pearl-bracelet.jpgmother of pearl buckles.jpgMother-of-pearl-rice-shlstr.jpgmother of pearl frames.jpgMother of pearl - white closet.jpgmother of pearl inspiration2.jpgmother-of-pearl-decorative-wall-panel.jpgmother-of-pearl-earrings.jpgMother of pearl inspired dining area.pngpearl bustier with sweetheart neckline.jpgmother of pearl cutlery.jpgpearl necklace with heart shaped diamond.jpg



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