Luscious loves: Stars

Pink star cake on a stickStars shots at night by Ben Canales

Enjoy your own “starry, starry night” with these beautiful images devoted to stars.


a handful of stars - jar of star wishes - purple star in the hand - good luck stars - with star topping - star wand - star - star - Monroe Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame - mini stars in a row - man from the movie UP with star balloon - star handbag - full of stars - candle lantern - candles - christmas ornaments - fairy lights - fairy lights in trees - graphic text - in wood - lantern - lantern pendant - light on wall - lollypop - sprinkles on cupcake - - on white beach - hair piece - in the night sky in the country - used as makeup - -


Learn more about the history of stars here.

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Cheers, Natasha


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