A luscious childhood: Organise a children’s entertainment box for visiting kids, or your own children

Rose and Grey Rustic Wooden Storage Box on Wheels

Do you have kids? Or kids that visit your home? Then here is an idea for keeping them entertained…


Stock a toy box with child-friendly goodies ready to go:

  • Jump rope
  • Soccer ball, football, rounders bat and ball, baseball and mitt, tennis racquet and ball, badminton set
  • Frisbee
  • Coloured pencils, colouring books and plain paper
  • Craft glue, coloured and textured paper, sticky tape, stickers
  • Water pistols
  • Chalk
  • Face paint
  • Kites
  • Old clothes, shoes and accessories for dress-ups
  • Bubble blower
  • Totem tennis
  • Wooden blocks or Lego
  • Story books and pop-up books
  • Old kitchen utensils or plastic toy utensils.


See our post about great books for children and teenagers for more ideas.






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Cheers, Natasha



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