Luscious takes a trip: Gourmania gourmet food tours in Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart Gourmania Food Tours - Danish Pastry from Jackman & McRoss by Jonathan Wherrett

As part of our Luscious Takes a Trip holiday to Hobart in Tasmania, we booked in for a 4-hour walking tour of some of Hobart’s most luscious food and wine establishments, through Mary McNeill’s luscious Gourmania food tours


Hobart Gourmania Food Tours Jackman & McRoss exterior by photographer Jonathan Wherrett via mylusciouslife


The tour is a great way to get an understanding of Tasmania’s fabulous food and wine culture, and we were pleased to taste a large selection of items including fresh fish, meat, cheese, bread, pastry, spices, nuts, sushi, fruit and vegetables, icecream, wine and coffee.

The wines we sampled at Cool Wines included Spring Vale, Pooley, Third Child, Frogmore Creek and Moores Hill, as well as Franks Cider. We particularly adored the Pooley Pinot Noir.

Our thanks to guide, Mary, as well as the people from each store who took the time to talk to us about their delicious products and services, and provide samples.


Gourmania - coffee on the afternoon Tea to Tapas tour - Hobart tourism.jpgA Common Ground sign - Matthew Evans and Nick Haddow - Gourmania food tours - Mary McNeill - Jonathan Wherrett photos.jpgA Common Ground cafe - Gourmania food tours - Jonathan Wherrett photos.jpgLuxe travel - Hobart Gourmania Food Tours - Sous chef at work at Smolt restaurant by Jonathan Wherrett.jpgGourmania - The Brunswick Hotel - beer alley - Hobart tourism - Things to do in Tasmania.jpgLuscious travel in Hobart - Tassie Pinot Noir at Cool Wine on a Gourmania Food Tour - photos by Jonathan Wherrett.jpgTravel in style - Hobart Gourmania Food Tours - Smolt restaurant in a quiet moment by Jonathan Wherrett.jpg


Here is a list of the places we visited on the tour, which are all situated around Salamanca Place and the Hobart CBD:


Mary McNeill from Gourmania Food Tours by photographer Jonathan Wherrett

Read about our tour guide, Mary McNeill, who is a pastry chef and sixth generation Tasmanian, and learn more about the two gourmet food tours on offer: Hobart City Tour and the Tea to Tapas Tour.

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tasmanian wineries-bream-creek - stylish travel with luscious blog.jpg

Luscious takes a trip: Hobart, Tasmania

Visiting Hobart, Australia, in style



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