Luscious takes a trip: Visiting Hobart, Australia, in style

australia_tasmania_wineglass_bay near hobart

Hobart, the capital of Australian state, Tasmania, is a small and beautiful city, renowned for incredible food and wine using local produce. Mr Luscious and I have had several very happy visits there over the years, as it’s a quick flight from our home town of Melbourne, across Bass Strait.

For his 50th birthday, Mr Luscious said that he’d like a few days in Hobart to celebrate his half-century milestone. Here’s a look at our itinerary…


tasmanian wineries-bream-creek - stylish travel with luscious blog.jpgautumn-salad-fresh food in tasmania hobart australia.jpgBeautiful historic pictures of Hobart Tasmania.jpgred-apples_in buckets - tasmanian fresh food product photos.jpgDelicious wine - Things to do in Hobart Australia.jpgcascade-brewery tasmania - historic building photos.jpgEating in Hobart Tasmania - delicious Lamb-ethos.jpgGaragistes_Hobart_restaurant_dish - stylish hobart tasmania tourism.jpgbeautiful scenic pictures in tasmania - hobart tasmania tourism attractions.jpgboardwalk-dinner-dining in tasmania - view of the water.jpggourmet-food-tour-in tasmania - australian history and activities.jpgHenry Jones Art Hotel exterior - luxury accommodation in Hobart Tasmania.jpgcape-grim-beef - luscious food in tasmania.jpghells-gate_Tasmanian tourism - hobart tasmania tourism attractions.jpggaragistes-hobart-best restaurants - luxury australian travel guide.jpgNew Norfolk_autumn woodlands - hobart tasmania tourism.jpgdelicious food in tasmania - peppermint-bay-braised beef.jpgBeautiful photos of Tasmania Australia - pictures luxe travel.jpgbeautiful Historical_homes_Hobart - via the Luscious blog mylusciouslife.jpgfabulous food in hobart tasmania - bar stools.jpgCAPITAL_OF_THE_BEAUTIFUL_DERWENT_VALLEY_New_Norfolk.jpgDelicious food and wine in Tasmania - fresh yoyo biscuits from the bakery.jpgBars and restaurants in Tasmania - luscious ways to travel in hobart.jpgHistoric Port Arthur in Tasmania - things to do in Hobart.jpgdelicious food in tasmania - charcoal-tapas-woodfired.jpgHobart_Docks_Henry Jones buildings - beautiful pictures of tasmania.jpgHistoric Tasmania - beautiful stone buildings.jpgDelicious wine in hobart tasmania - luxury australian travel guide.jpgDiscover Tasmania - scenic photos - luxury australian travel guide.jpgfresh food and local produce in tasmanian markets.jpgHistoric Woodbridge Anglican Church.JPGDelicious food in hobart - fresh pasta dinner.jpgHobart Tasmania Museum Portico - luscious living with the luscious blog.jpgFresh food and wine in Hobart - things to do - travel in style.jpgHave a romantic weekend in Hobart Tasmania.jpgHistoric buildings in Hobart Tasmania - hobart tasmania tourism photos.jpgHobart - food and wine pictures - desserts.jpghobart tourism ideas - visit port-arthur - history and other activities.jpgLovely photos of Tasmanian countryside - Hobart tourism.jpgHobart and surrounds - beautiful scenery - things to do in Tasmania.jpghobart city - aerial view - photos of Australia.jpghobart tasmania tourism - peppermint-bay-day-cruises.jpgnew norfolk hobart tasmania - view of river - luxury australian travel guide.jpghobart tourism - water views - hobart tasmania tourism pictures.jpghobart-farmers-market-fresh produce pictures.jpgLuxury travel in Hobart -Salamanca-Wharf-Hotel-accommodation.jpgIncredible food and wine in hobart tasmania - things to do in hobart.jpgJackman and McRoss bakery cafe - Brick-building-Battery Point - Hobart.jpgluscious food and drink photos - hobart tasmania.jpgluscious pictures of-tasmania - stylish travel around australia.jpgmarion bay house photo - winery house.jpgmount-wellington-tours - hobart travel and tourism pictures.jpgtasmania southeast - salamanca place - beautiful  places to visit.jpgnew-norfolk-beautiful pictures of tasmania.jpgOatlands Tasmania - beautiful scenery.jpgpeppermint bay at night - elegant dining in hobart.jpgrichmond bridge in historic hobart australia tasmania.jpgpeppermint bay-hobart-lunch and boat cruise day trip.jpgPoached-Striped-Trumpeter-Garagistes-Hobart - luxe restaurants.jpgPort-Arthur-historic-Site-Travel in style - luxury australian travel guide.jpgStunning scenery pictures - Tasmania bay-of-fires.JPGStylish travel - Luxe Hobart - food and wine - coffee and biscuits.jpgSunset_in Tasmania - things to do - hobart tasmania tourism.JPGtasmania - the apple isle - fresh apples - activities in tasmania.jpgpeppermint bay the stackings-luscious food and drink near hobart tasmania.jpgTasmania - things to do - good-food-and-wine-show.jpgaustralia_tasmania_wineglass_bay near hobart.jpgThings to do in Tasmania - visit local wineries near Hobart.JPGTasmania scenery - beautiful pictures via mylusciouslife.jpgwineries in tasmania - fresh grapes via mylusciouslife.jpgTasmania-fossil-cliffs - luscious travel via mylusciouslife blog.jpgtasmania-hobart pictures.jpgTasmanian activities - mt-field-national-park-tasmania.jpgtasmanian photos - stunning water views - hobart tasmania tourism things to do.jpgthe stackings at peppermint bay - stylish things to do in hobart tasmania.jpgtasmanian tourism pristine-east-coast-beach - what to do in hobart.jpgthe islington hotel - historic hobart - luxury accommodation - stylish travel.jpgtwynald tasmania By-the-river - beautiful images via mylusciouslife.jpgView of the docks in Hobart Tasmania with yachts.jpg



Getting there:

Because of work commitments, we took  a mid-afternoon flight from Melbourne to Hobart (about 1 hour). On this trip, we flew with Virgin Australia – we’ve traditionally been loyal to Qantas, but sadly, Qantas management have destroyed the iconic brand in recent years.

Hobart airport is small, so you’re off the plane, collecting your bags and opening the door of your car hire in 15 minutes or less. And the drive from the airport is about 15 minutes, so it’s all very easy.


If you are flying internationally, you will need to fly in to another major city first, such as Melbourne or Sydney, and then take a domestic flight to Hobart.

Or, you can get the Spirit of Tasmania boat from Melbourne, either as a “foot” passenger, or by bringing a car with you – it travels overnight from Port Melbourne to Devonport at the top of Tasmania.

Our trip involved the very heart of Hobart – the central business district, Salamanca Place, Battery Point, South Hobart and North Hobart, as well as a boat cruise to Peppermint Bay and a drive to New Norfolk.

Hobart-Tasmania central map including CBD Battery Point and North Hobart



We stayed at the Islington Hotel in Davey Street, Hobart. See the post and photos here:


Activities in and around Hobart

Why go to Hobart? We love it for the food and wine, scenery and relaxed atmosphere.

But it offers a lot more, especially for outdoorsy types (camping, fishing, hiking…) and there is a thriving arts and culture scene with lots of writers, crafters and artists choosing to move to Tasmania for the supportive arts community.

Tasmania is also the source of significant Australian history, with the convict settlement at Port Arthur and other fascinating spots.

Hobart is also famous for the annual Sydney-to-Melbourne yacht race, and many cultural festivals. Learn more about Tasmanian via the Discover Tasmania and Discover Hobart websites.

As we’ve been to Hobart several times before, we’ve covered most of the main tourist activities, such as a day trip to historic Port Arthur, a drive through the amusing Doo Town. And we’ve been fortunate to stay with a friend who once had a fabulous home in the heart of Battery Point.


Historic Port Arthur in Tasmania


Here are some of the things we did on this trip:

Gourmania - coffee on the afternoon Tea to Tapas tour - Hobart tourism.jpg

Luscious takes a trip: Gourmania gourmet food tours in Hobart, Tasmania

Delicious food and wine tours in Hobart, Tasmania


Tomorrow, before we head off to the airport, we’ll be taking:


richmond bridge in historic richmond in tasmania


Food and wine in the Tasmanian capital

As always, we ate some sensational meals. On this occasion, we dined at:

Luxe restaurants in Hobart - fresh food and delicious wine

But here are some other cafes, restaurants and food stores on our list:


Bakeries, cafes and wine bars

Food stores





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peppermint bay at night - elegant dining in hobart

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Cheers, Natasha






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