HISTORICAL STYLE: Maternity fashion across the ages

UPDATED: It’s a royal baby boy for William and Kate!

Kate Middleton is clearly not the first woman to ever be pregnant: Take a look at maternity fashion from the last few hundred years…




Portrait of John F Kennedy with Wife Jackie at Idlewild AirportMedieval Renaissance Elizabethan maternity clothing - Heimsuchung von der Weyden.jpgBest royal maternity style - princess margaret pregnant with lady sarah.jpgHistoric maternity clothing - The_glass_of_wine - Vermeer.jpgElegant maternity photos - sogblucoatredbag.jpgBest celebrity maternity style - lucille-ball-pregnant.jpg18th century loose-fitting robe volante.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - heidi klum maternity style.jpgElizabethan maternity clothing - Frans Pourbus the younger - Portrait of a Noblewoman.jpgMaternity clothing archive - 1970s-maternity.jpgelegant maternity style - david-victoria-beckham.jpg19th century maternity dress - 1860s maternity style.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - 1958-mike-todd and elizabeth taylor.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - audrey hepburn pregnant.jpgFashion in history - maternity dresses - 60s maternity dresses.jpg1890s maternity - 19th century maternity style - fashion.JPGElegant maternity photos - vintage 1960s style.jpg19th century maternity style - fashion clothing.jpgElizabeth-Montgomery-past-and-present-hollywood-pregnancy-photolist.jpgFashion in history - maternity dresses - 1940s maternity.jpgCelebrity pregnancy style - jackie kennedy pregnant.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - angelina jolie maternity style.jpg19th century maternity style - nightgown.jpgFashion history research - princess anne pregnant.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 19th century maternity style - golden dress.jpgBest celebrity maternity style - gwyneth paltrow maternity style.jpgElegant maternity style - grace-kelly-hermes-kelly-bag.jpg19th century maternity style - 1850-lady-fashion.jpgBest royal maternity style - Princess Victoria of Sweden maternity style in 2011.jpgFashion across the ages - maternity wear - pregnancy volante style.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - Elizabeth Taylor pregnant - Mike Todd.jpg18th century maternity style.jpgCelebrity pregnancy style - Satin Celebrity Best One Shoulder Maternity Evening Prom Dress Red Carpet.jpgElizabeth Taylor pregnancy style - Mike Todd.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 18th-19th century maternity style - Colonial-Gown-1700s.jpgFashion in history - maternity dresses - 1950s 1960s 1970s.jpgFashion in history - maternity dresses - 30s.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - alessandra-ambrosio pregnancy style.jpgHistorical 19th century maternity style - Maternity dress ca1880.jpgBest celebrity maternity style - Jane Krakowski maternity style.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 18th century maternity fashion.jpgMaternity clothing archive - baby linen cot 1971.jpgKate Middleton Duchess of Middleton in maternity yellow dress.jpg19th century maternity style - historical pregnancy fashion.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - catherine zeta-jones maternity style.jpgMaternity clothing archive - audrey maternity.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - Fashion history research - princess diana.jpgFashion history research - Mia Farrow pregnancy style.jpgMaternity in the 1960s - 1960s maternity patterns.jpgFashion history research -  fergie sarah-pregnant-with-beatrice.jpg16th 17th century maternity style - Venetian maternity style.JPGImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - Best celebrity maternity style - Lily Cooper.jpgMaternity clothing archive - 1970s-maternity patterns.jpg19th century maternity style - Maternity mourning dress ca 1870.jpgMaternity clothing archive - A-man-and-a-pregnant-woman.jpgMaternity clothing archive - fashion patterns.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - Gwyneth paltrow maternity fashion.jpgMaternity clothing archive - Lucille-Ball-hollywood-pregnancy.jpgHistorical maternity wear - black night dress.jpgPictures of maternity across the ages - vintage maternity top.jpgMaternity clothing archive - Princess Diana photo and sketch.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - Celebrity pregnancy style - Grace Kelly.pngMaternity in the 1950s - 1956-Lane-Bryant-maternity-clothing.jpgMaternity in the 1960s and 1970s - audrey hepburn pregnancy style.jpgElegant maternity style - Heidi Klum awards maternity evening dress.jpgFashion history research - midwife black embroidery.jpgCelebrity pregnancy style - princess mary of denmark pregnant 2010.jpg19th century maternity style - multiera.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - Best-Celebrity-Maternity-Style-2012 - Reece.jpg1885-dress-maternity - 19th century maternity style.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - Gisele maternity editorial.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 19th century maternity style - fashion.jpgModern pregnancy dresses - 1940s maternity.jpgModern pregnancy dresses - audrey hepburn maternity style.jpgMedieval Renaissance pregnancy maternity style - historical fashion - Elizabethan.jpgElegant maternity photos - Supermodel maternity - Karolina at the Metropolitan Opera.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Maternity in the 1950s - pregnancy fashion.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 19th century maternity style - maternity-corset.jpgCelebrity maternity fashion - Claudia Schiffer supermodel pregnancy style.jpgMaternity clothing archive - betty-mad men - pink.jpgStylish pregnancy clothes in the 1980s inspired by Princess Diana.jpgModern pregnancy dresses - grace kelly pregnancy style.jpgPictures of maternity across the ages - Maternity clothing archive.jpgPortrait of a Woman in Red by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger 1620 17th century maternity.jpgMaternity in the 1970s - anne-pregnant-with-peter.jpgRoyal maternity style - Princess Mary of Denmark pregnant.jpgStylish pregnancy clothes - 1960s and 1970s fashions.jpgModern pregnancy style - Princess Mathilde of Belgium 2008 maternity fashion.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 19th century maternity style - maternity pregnancy clothing.jpgMaternity clothing archive - maternity.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 17th century maternity style.jpgStylish pregnancy clothing - 1940s.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - Elegant maternity style - CLAUDIA.jpgMaternity clothing archive - corset evening dress.jpgModern pregnancy style - Princess Aimee of the Netherlands maternity style 2007.jpgMaria Leopoldine of Austria wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III painted by Lorenzo Lippi in 1649 while pregnant.jpgStylish pregnancy clothes - patterns from the 1960s and 1970s.jpgMaternity clothing archive - dresses.JPGMaternity in the 1980s - sarah-pregnant-with-eugenie.jpgBest celebrity maternity style - Princess Letizia pregnant with Leanor.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - Fashion history maternity - jacket.jpgFashion history research - maternity style.pngStylish pregnancy fashion - queen-elizabeth.jpg1800 mitscharpebauch - 19th century maternity style.jpgModern pregnancy style - Queen Rania of Jordan maternity in 2000.jpgFashion history maternity - Empire line dress.jpgStylish pregnancy clothing - 1960s and 1970s patterns.jpgCelebrity pregnancy style - Princess Letizia maternity style 2005.jpgDrawings of pregnancy maternity clothing - Maternity clothing archive - Beinecke.jpgStylish pregnancy clothing - Princess Grace maternity.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Maternity clothing archive - 1960s maternity.jpgEarly 19th century maternity style - dresses.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 1920s pregnant-lucille-lee.jpgPaintings of pregnancy maternity clothing - Medieval Renaissance pregnancy maternity fashion from history.jpgStylish pregnancy clothes -Mette-Marit the Crown Princess of Norway in 2005.jpgHistorical pregnancy clothing - volante in blue.jpgStylish pregnancy clothes -sixtiesmaternityclothes.jpgBest celebrity maternity style - Natalie Portman.jpgPaintings of pregnancy maternity clothing - elizabethan maternity style.jpgPortrait of Grace Kelly Prince RainierPaintings of pregnancy maternity clothing - Historical fashion maternity - portrait.jpgBest celebrity maternity style - halle-berry-pregnant.jpgPower of Film GalaHistorical fashion maternity - pale green dress.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - 17th 18th 19th century maternity style.jpgImages of pregnancy maternity fashion - Green-Wrapper-la-mode-illustree-1867.jpgStylish pregnancy clothes -queen elizabeth pregnant with prince andrew.jpgMiddle Ages historical maternity clothes - Unknown_Lady_c._1595 Elizabethan.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Maternity in the 1950s - 1950 pregnancy style.jpgPrincess Marie of Denmark in 2009 - maternity fashions of the royals.jpgMaternity in the 1920s - downton_abbey_ep3_66.jpgMaternity clothing archive - historic dress.jpgMiddle Ages historical maternity clothes - mariae-heimsuchung_kremsmuenster-1460.pngSarah Duchess Of York maternity - Maternity in the 1980s.jpgPaintings of pregnancy maternity clothing - Middle Ages historical maternity clothes.jpgStylish pregnancy fashion - princess mary of denmark maternity style 2010.jpgMaternity clothing archive - illustration.jpgVictoria Era maternity fashion approximately 1870.jpgClaudia Schiffer And Elle Macpherson Do The School Run!Maternity day dress 1880s-90.jpgSophie the Countess of Wessex pregnant in 2007.jpgMaternity day dress ca 1825 Australia Powerhouse Museum.pngMaternity in the 1900s - maternity corset and fabric.JPGVintage maternity clothing - Maternity in the 1960s - betty from mad men.jpgMaternity in the 1900s - Maternity dress 1903 United States North Carolina.jpgCelebrity pregnancy style - jessica_alba_pregnant.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Maternity dress ca 1858-60 England Powerhouse Museum.pngVintage maternity clothing - Maternity in the 1900s - Woman maternity outfit with fringe.JPGMaternity in the 1920s - Fortuny vintage dress.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Maternity in the 1960s - 1960s dresses.jpgPaintings of pregnancy maternity clothing - Giotto Visitation - historical fashion for women - maternity.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Stylish pregnancy clothes -Grace-Kelly.jpgPictures of maternity across the ages - Modern pregnancy dresses.jpgPortrait of Bianca Cappello Grand Duchess of Tuscany - Middle Ages Renaissance and Elizabethan maternity clothing.jpgStylish pregnancy clothes -jackie kennedy maternity style.jpgprincess-charlotte-19th century maternity style.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Modern maternity clothing - gwen stefani.jpgStylish pregnancy clothing - history gown muslin.jpgRenaissance and Elizabethan maternity clothing - Portrait_of_Bianca_Capello.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Historical fashion maternity -Empire line.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Maternity day dress 1835-40.jpgModern pregnancy dresses - Ambrosio Dresses Skirts Maternity.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Maternity in the 1910s - 1913.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Maternity in the 1920s - sybil-pregnant.jpgVintage maternity clothing - Medieval Renaissance pregnancy maternity fashion.jpg









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