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UPDATED: Here’s a look at the iconic Hermes Birkin bag…


History of the Hermes Birkin bag

This large, expensive tote of iconic status was created for and named after the haute-hip celebrity Jane Birkin, English born but a long-term resident of France.

Birkin has famously partnered with John Barry (film composer, including the James Bond soundtracks), Serge Gainsbourg (singer, composer, artist, director) and Jacques Doillon (film director). She has three daughters: Kate Barry, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Lou Doillon.

UPDATE: Jane Birkin wants Hermès to take her name off its classic bag on animal-rights grounds (July 2015)


Young Jane Birkin, for whom the Hermes Birkin bag was named

On a flight between Paris and London in 1981, her over-stuffed purse spilled onto the floor in front of fellow passenger Jean-Louis Dumas, the CEO of luxury house, Hermes. She said it was too small for what she needed, and not practical for everyday use.

This gave Mr Dumas the idea to invent a bag that should accommodate a modern woman’s lifestyle – which, by the way, you would be taking with you everywhere as these exclusive bags are priced between range from $9000 to $150,000. He based it on an 1892 “Haut Courroies” design by Hermes and the Hermes Birkin bag launched in 1984.

history of the hermes birkin bag - hermes orange

Price and quality

Each bag is handmade in France and takes around 48 hours, spread out over many weeks. The prices differ depending on the size (between 25-55cm), colour (pink, red, brown, baby blue, navy blue, olive green, orange, white, black and tan) and materials used as each bag is customised.

Locks and keys are number-coded, and the craftsman’s marks and letter year of manufacture are stamped in a square underside of right belt. It does not have a logo.

Peony Lim of Peony Lim with a brown Hermes Birkin bag

The price is also dictated by the supply and circulation to stores, which is rare and highly prized – remember the Sex and the City episode (season 4, episode 11 for those of you keen to watch it in full again) where Samantha used Lucy Liu’s name to try securing her own?


Take a look at Samantha’s efforts here as well as some other celebrities who already own a Birkin, and a top tip for getting yourself up higher up the waiting list if you’re in the fortunate position to purchase one:

If you already own a Hermes Birkin bag, you’ll probably be aware that Hermes offers a “spa treatment” (at a cost) for much-loved Birkins in need of reconditioning.

red Hermes Jane Birkin Bag

Note: Birkin bags are only sold through Hermes stores, so if you are looking for one, you can only really trust that it’s genuine by going directly to their stores.

Fans of the Gilmore Girls might remember that Logan gave Rory a Birkin bag but she had no clue about the significance of the gift.  Here’s a clip:




Famous folk who own Birkins include:

  • Blake Lively
  • Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
  • Demi Moore
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Elle MacPherson
  • Jade Jagger
  • Jodie Foster
  • Kate Moss
  • Katie Holmes
  • Lady Gaga
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Martha Stewart
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Nicole Richie
  • Portia de Rossi
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Sofia Coppola
  • Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham in a luscious white coat with her red Hermes Birkin bag

See more in our “Celebrities and their Hermes Birkin bag” photo gallery:

Red Hermes Birkin bagbrown hermes birkin bagAlex Curran - celebrities Birkin bagBirkin Bag - Purple crocodile - Palladium hardware - 25 cmbirkin celebrities - kelly with her black birkin bagHermes Birkin bag 30 Blue de presse Dark blue Ostrich Skin Gold hardware.jpgBlack Hermes Birkin bagHermes Birkin bag 30 Red Crocodile Head Silver hardware.jpgblake lively orange birkin bagboy with birkin bagcelebrities-birkin-bags-Heidi Klumblack hermes birkin bagHermes-Birkin-Bag-35-Dim-Gray-Gold.jpgblue green editorial from vogue - birkin bagblue grey brown orange green birkin bagsbrown hermes birkin bagcelebrities-birkin-bags-Anna Kournikovacelebrities-birkin-bags-catherine deneuvedetail of orange birkin bag3celebrities-birkin-bags-EVA LONGORIAcelebrities-birkin-bags-Hilary DuffHermes-Birkin-35CM-In-Green-Crocodile-Gold-Hardware_5.jpgcelebrities-birkin-bags-JULIANNE MOOREcelebrities-birkin-bags-kathy hiltoncelebrities-birkin-bags-katie holmes-red birkinHermes_Birkin_Bag_30_Tangerine_Orange_Ostrich_Leather_Gold_Hardware.jpgcelebrities-birkin-bags-katie holmescelebrities-birkin-bags-Kelly Ripa and son Michael Consueloscelebrities-birkin-bags-Kyle Richards and daughter PortiaHermes Light Blue Cowskin Birkin.jpgcelebrities-birkin-bags-marc jacobscelebrities-birkin-bags-oliviacelebrities-birkin-bags-olsenHermes_Birkin_Bag_35_Rouge_H_Dark_Red_Clemence_Leather_Silver_Hardware.jpgcelebrities-birkin-bags-Sofia Vergaracelebrities-birkin-bags-VICTORIA BECKHAM and her son RomeoEva-Longoria-Hermes - birkin bagHermes-Birkin-Bag-35-Leather-Royal-Blue-Gold_01.jpggrey birkin baghermes advertising campaign - birkin baghermes-bags - celebrities.jpgdetail of black birkin baghermes-birkin-bag.jpegHermes-celebrities-heidi klum.jpgHermes-Celebrities-jennifer lopez - birkin bag.jpgdark greeny black birkin bag with shoesvictoria-beckham-white-hermes-birkin_www.bagbliss.com_26-03-09.jpgHermes-Celebrities-kardashians - birkin.jpgHermes-Celebrities-kelly rutherford.jpghot pink birkin bag with pink heels.jpgHermes-Celebrities-marc jacobs.jpgHermes-Celebrities-olivia-birkin.jpgHermes-Celebrities-olsen.jpgdetail of orange birkin bagJoan-Rivers-Hermes-Birkin.jpgJohannes Huebl and olivia palermo with hermes birkin bag.jpglady-gaga-with-hermes-birkin-bag.jpeglime green birkin - this is glamorous fb page_0095.jpgorange birkin bag2.jpgStories-behind-Hermes-Birkin1.jpghow much is a birkin bag | myLusciousLifeyellow birkin bag.jpgVictoria Beckham Leaves Tokyo Following Ted Beckham's Heart Attack



Visit Hermes for more divine products, or learn a bit more about the Hermes story here and specifically, the Birkin bag here.


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Grey Birkin bag by Hermes - details


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Hermes scarf - - hermes orange equestrian print-SS09.jpg

Luscious loves: Hermes

A look at the products of luxury French brand, Hermes
Hermes-Kelly bag (2).jpg

Hermes Kelly bag

Hermes Kelly bag


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