GIVING AND RECEIVING HELP: A word about depression and suicide

HOPE: A word about depression


GIVING AND RECEIVING HELP: In light of today’s terrible news about Robin Williams, please be extra thoughtful when it comes to your own mental health and that of others who are suffering.

It may come as a shock to some of you to learn I’ve suffered from depression for many years and it’s totally sucks, to be put it crudely.

I did contemplate suicide along the way but am so glad I sought help. I look back and feel grateful for friends, family and complete strangers who got me through it. And as you can see from the Luscious blog, I really do lead a luscious life today and value every minute of it.

Asking for and receiving help is the only answer, and I encourage anyone who needs it to google the options, such as:

I hope by giving you a glimpse into my own experience that it will help take away some of the stigma, and get us talking more broadly about finding solutions.

Please take care of yourself and others.

Natasha xx




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