Luscious style: Geometric prints

In love with vibrant geometric prints for fashion, decor or simply luscious living? Then check out our beautiful photo gallery of lovely prints and fabrics.

Anna Marie Horners, Little folks voile, Little honey.jpgariannaBelle etsy - Blue Pillow Cover - Tala Bluemarine.jpgariannaBelle etsy - Celerie Kemble Bleecker - Peacock colorway.jpgariannaBelle etsy - David Hicks La Fiorentina.jpgAriannaBelle etsy - purple geometric.jpgBrown-Richard-Nixon-Rug.pngclinesDesigns etsy - Ceramic tile coasters- Purple and White Damask.jpgcLinesDesigns etsy - Modern, grille, fretwork print.jpgcLinesDesigns etsy - teal and white print.jpgcutiegirlie etsy - geometric purse.jpgcutiegirlie etsy - geometric purses.jpgcutiegirlie etsy - geometric purses2.jpgdandylionclothingco etsy - geometric purple.jpgDena Designs Fabric KUMARI GARDEN Tarika in Moss.jpgFlea Market Fancy--legacy collection, Medallion in Green from Denyse Schmidt,.jpggeometric prints1.jpggreg natale geometric print rug.jpggreg natale geometric print1.jpggreg natale geometric print2.jpggreg natale geometric print3.jpggreg natale geometric print4.jpggreg natale geometric print5.jpggreg natale watson 3.jpgImperial Trellis design by Kelly Wearstler.jpgKerriBlueMalibu etsy - napkins.jpgKWID_Emerald_Cut_FSchumacher.jpgmahandbags etsy - geometric mcd-03.jpgmod squad cicada studio.jpgmood fabrics - Burgundy 36 Geometric Prints HC21430.jpgMood fabrics - Harvest Geometric Prints HC21608.jpgmood fabrics - Licorice Geometric Prints HC21607.jpgMood fabrics - Turquoise 23 Geometric Prints HC21429.jpgoliveandgarland etsy - blue geometric.jpgpaperwren etsy - geometric cards.jpgpaperwren etsy - geometric.jpgpoppyseed etsy - Ice Cream Pink , from Fly a Kite by October Afternoon and Riley Blake, Fat Quarter.jpgPurpleGrace2 etsy - teal wallet.jpgrobert allen geometric.JPGRugsusa.jpgTina Givens Haven's Edge, Walls Violet VOILE.jpgvintage-nautical-look-geometric-print-scarf-726-p.jpgWatermelon-Geometric-Print-Rug.pngYellow-Starburst-Rug.jpg


If you like geometric prints, you might also find some textile and print inspiration here:

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Cheers, Natasha

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