ROYALTY: Films about royalty

If you’re a lover of film, royalty and history, this is the list for you. We’ve got over 130 films and TV series related to royalty, both real and fictional…


Films and miniseries about or including royalty, real and imagined:



Royalty movies list - Marie Antoinette 2006.jpgRoyalty film - The Madness of King George 1994.jpgRoyalty movies list - Lady Jane 1986.jpgRoyal films - The Rise of Catherine the Great 1934.jpgBritish monarchy movies - The Kings Speech 2010.jpegMovies about royalty - Edward the Seventh 1975.pngFilms about royalty and aristocracy - Richard III 1995.jpgRoyal movies - Diana - Last Days of a Princess 2007.jpgMovies about the royal family and aristocracy - Macbeth 1971.jpgMovies list - Royalty - The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement 2004.jpgRoyal films - Anna and the King of Siam 1946.jpgRoyal films - Catherine the Great 1996.jpgRoyal films - First Knight 1995.jpgRoyal movies - Marie Antoinette 1938.jpgRoyal films - Loves Labours Lost 2000.jpgRoyal films - The Prince & Me - The Elephant Adventure 2010.jpgRoyal movies - A Knights Tale 2001.jpgRoyal movies - Bertie and Elizabeth 2002.jpgRoyal movies - Excalibur 1981.jpgRoyal movies - Hamlet 1996.jpgRoyal movies - Monarchy 2004.jpgRoyal movies - Prince of Jutland - Royal Deceit 1994.jpgRoyal movies - Princess Protection Program 2009.jpgRoyalty film - Anna and the King 1999.jpgRoyalty film - Becket 1964.jpgRoyalty film - Charles and Camilla – Whatever Love Means 2005.jpgRoyalty movies list - Diane 1956.jpgRoyalty film - Coming to America 1988.jpgRoyalty film - Henry VIII 2003.jpgRoyalty film - Macbeth 1948.jpgRoyalty film - Monarchy - The Royal Family at Work 2007.jpgRoyalty movies list - King Lear 2009.jpgRoyalty film - The Princess Bride 1987.jpgRoyalty film - The Woman He Loved 1988.jpgRoyalty film - Young Catherine 1991.jpgRoyalty movies list - Anonymous 2011.jpgRoyalty movies list - Boudica - Warrior Queen 2003.jpgRoyalty movies list - Catherine the Great 2005.jpgRoyalty movies list - Elizabeth I 2005.jpgRoyalty movies list - Farewell My Queen 2012.jpgRoyalty movies list - Henry V 1989.jpgRoyalty movies list - King Ralph 1991.jpgRoyalty movies list - Macbeth 1978.jpgRoyalty movies list - Nicholas and Alexandra 1971.jpgRoyalty movies list - Shakespeare in Love 1998.jpgRoyalty movies list - The King and I 1956.jpgRoyalty movies list - The Other Boleyn Girl 2003.jpgRoyalty movies list - The Prince & Me 3 - A Royal Honeymoon 2008.jpgRoyalty movies list - The Prince and the Pauper 2000.jpgRoyalty movies list - The Princess Diaries 2001.jpgRoyalty movies list - The Three Musketeers 1973.jpgRoyalty movies list - William & Catherine - A Royal Romance 2011.jpgRoyalty movies list - Your Highness 2011.jpgShakespeares An Age of Kings - Richard II Henry IV Henry V Henry VI Richard III 1960.jpgBest royalty movies - Anastasia 1956.jpgBest royalty movies - Anne of the Thousand Days 1969.jpgBest royalty movies - Elizabeth R 1971.jpgBest royalty movies - Hamlet 1990.jpgBest royalty movies - Ludwig 1972.jpgBest royalty movies - Orlando 1992.jpgBest royalty movies - Roman Holiday 1953.jpgBest royalty movies - The Last Emperor 1987.jpgBest royalty movies - The Lost Prince 2003.jpgBest royalty movies - Victoria & Albert 2001.jpgBest royalty movies and TV shows - The Tudors 2007.jpgBritish monarchy films - Henry V 1946.jpgBritish monarchy films - Mary of Scotland 1936.jpgBritish monarchy films - Richard III 1955.jpgBritish monarchy movies - Elizabeth - The Golden Age 2007.jpgBritish monarchy movies - The Private Life of Henry VIII 1933.jpgBritish monarchy movies - The Queen 2006.jpgBritish monarchy movies - The Virgin Queen 2005.jpgBritish monarchy movies - W.E. 2012.jpgBritish monarchy movies - Wallis & Edward 2005.jpgBritish monarchy movies - William & Kate 2011.jpgFilms about royalty - The Lion in Winter 1968.jpgFilms about royalty - The Little Prince 1974.jpgFilms about royalty - The Prince & Me II - The Royal Wedding 2006.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - Edward II 1970.jpgFilms about royalty - The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 1939.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - Macbeth 1983.jpgList of royalty movie titles - The Six Wives of Henry VIII 1970.jpgFilms about royalty - The Triumph of Love 2001.jpgFilms about royalty - Young Bess 1953.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - Camelot 2011.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - Princess In Love 1996.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - King Arthur 2004.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - Mayerling 1936.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - Peter the Great 1986.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - Fall of Eagles 2006.jpgMovies about royals - The Prince and the Showgirl 1957.jpgFilms about royalty and aristocracy - The Duchess 2008.jpgList of royalty movie titles - A Breath of Scandal 1960.jpgList of royalty movie titles - Edward II 1991.jpgList of royalty movie titles - Princes in the Tower 2005.jpgList of royalty movie titles - The Lion in Winter 2003.jpgMovies about royalty - Knights of the Round Table 1953.jpgMovies about royals - A Man for All Seasons 1966.jpgMovies about royals - Enchanted 2007.jpgMovies about royals - Grace Kelly 1983.jpgMovies about royals - The Man in the Iron Mask 1998.jpgMovies about royalty - A Kings Story 1965.jpgMovies about royalty - Aristocrats 1999.jpgMovies about royalty - Camelot 1967.jpgMovies about royals - Tower of London 1962.jpgMovies about royalty - Diana – Her True Story 1993.jpgMovies about royalty - Hamlet 2000.jpgMovies about royalty - The Prince and Me 2004.jpgMovies about royalty - The Scarlet Empress 1934.jpgMovies about royalty - Tower of London 1939.jpgMovies about the royal family - Elizabeth 1998.jpgMovies about the royal family - Ivan The Terrible 1944.jpgMovies about the royal family - King Lear 1983.jpgMovies about the royal family - Mary Queen of Scots 1971.jpgMovies about the royal family - Queen Victorias Empire 2001.jpgMovies about the royal family - The Other Boleyn Girl 2008.jpgMovies about the royal family - The Rise of Louis XIV - La prise de pouvoir par Louis XIV 1966.jpgMovies about the royal family - The Shadow of the Tower 1972.jpgMovies about the royal family - The Virgin Queen 1955.jpgRoyal films - Charles and Diana - Unhappily Ever After - A Palace Divided 1992.jpeg





New royal movies

There are two upcoming films devoted to Princess Diana of the United Kingdom (the former Lady Diana Spencer) and Princess Grace of Monaco (the former Grace Kelly), starring Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman, respectively.

They are, not surprisingly, called Diana (due out in September 2013) and Grace of Monaco (due out in November 2013). Here’s the trailer for “Diana”…







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Epicureans, socialites, hosts, philanthropists, and entertainers




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