Over 50 and fabulous: Tips for being luscious when you are fifty+

Martha Stewart: Fabulous over fifty

Here are a few ideas for living a luscious life, whilst ageing gracefully…

Tips for staying stylish over 50:

I’m not over 50 (I’m 42) so to be frank, I’m not technically in the position to talk about this based on experience, but here are some comments I’ve collated from others who are which you might find useful.


Fabulous over Fifty


Finances: Confidence and knowledge is attractive so take charge of your money – become financially literate (if you aren’t already) so you gain confidence over your financial future.

Women live longer than men, so relying on a (male) spouse, or worrying that you will offend someone by asking to know about your assets, liabilities, income and expenditure is sensible.

Consult an expert to ensure you have sufficient funds to keep you going until you are 100 (sounds like a long way off but it might happen!).


Take control of your finances and stay in control over 50


Mind: Starting your own business, taking up new hobbies, writing and/or reading more books, learning about technology, creating a blog, developing property, or even going back to university are great ways to stay alert (my own mother is doing her PhD in her 70s!).

Are there some items on your “bucket list” that you could get started on? Or perhaps a community group you can join? Make new friends and explore new interests – it will put some extra spring in your step and potentially add more laughter and enjoyment to your life.





Health: Talk to your doctor or nutritionist to ensure you’re getting the supplements and protection you need, such as calcium and sunscreen, and consider more weight-bearing exercises to stay strong.

Keep you regular tests such as mammograms and take swift action if your body starts telling you that something might be “off”.

Also, have you had your eyes checked recently? Don’t rely on an old script, and besides, you might enjoy a nice new pair of glasses too!


Ageing gracefully - Over 50 and fabulous tips


Beauty: Get the right make-up, skincare and haircut to suit your current look. For example, investing in great skin through the right moisturiser and weekly exfoliant, and using cream-based products rather than powders will cut down on the cakey makeup effect.

And it might be time to retire the bright pink lipstick unless you’re also investing in fillers – it’s not a good look if it’s bleeding into the folds around your mouth.

Invest in good primer, foundation, concealer, mascara and lip plumper, and swap your liquid eyeliner for a pencil.

Talk to a colourist about the right hair colour for your skin tone – it might be time to move on from the black goth hairstyle which worked so well for you in your 20s.


carmen dell orifice - ladylike style



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