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Ideas for sharing kindness this holiday season


SHARE THE LUSCIOUS LOVE: Luscious ones, at this time of the year we tend to get busy with shopping and entertaining and enjoying ourselves. Well, I certainly do, especially because the weather gets hot for us in Australia so it’s summer time plus the holiday season at Chez Luscious.

But I thought now was a good time – just prior to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and then Christmas and New Year – to remember to be more compassionate when considering others who are not having such a luscious time of things.

I’m sorry if this sounds trite or patronising or hypocritical in any way. I spend my life being pretty selfish, focussing on my own needs and that of the people immediately around me. I used to volunteer in my 20s and 30s, but life seems to have taken a different course in my 40s. I read and watch stories about terrible things, feel bad for a while, but essentially go back to my own cocooned existence.

But I was reminded by my friend Cathy about the New Day Box program in Melbourne in which you can donate items to go into gift boxes for women going through the hell of domestic violence. See more via their website and Facebook page. I donated some boxes of goodies last year and hope it made some sort of difference.

My friend Melissa shared this post from The Bloggess about having compassion, especially when we watch in horror at what’s happening in Ferguson today. There was a great suggestion about donating to the Ferguson library, and “err in the direction of kindness” which makes me tear up a bit. Read the post here. And perhaps send an email enquiry to the fine folks at the Ferguson library in Missouri if you’re keen about a donation.

Another friend, Davey, was looking into Christmas volunteering, which sounds like a great idea, but do remember than most charitable organisations get their holiday programs sorted months in advance. So if this appeals to you, maybe put it on your list to look into in the new year, and make a financial contribution to assist in the meantime.

Obviously, there are thousands of worthy causes that desperately need attention, so I encourage all of us to do something, whether it’s a $5 donation via a charity’s website, a shout-0ut via social media to spread the word, or by actively getting involved. If you need some inspiration, check out Random Acts because I know they do great work.

Natasha xx

PS. Thanks to all my inspiring friends. You remind me on a daily basis about kindness and compassion.



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