LUSCIOUS LOVES: Beautiful houses and gardens – Part 1

I adore looking at lovely homes and gardens, and it seems that many of our fans do too as our “Luscious houses and gardens” Facebook photo gallery always gets lots of “likes, comments and shares” whenever we update it.

Is it because we’re voyeurs at heart? Or just looking for inspiration for our own homes?

Either way, I hope you enjoy scrolling through this luscious collection…


Beautiful houses and gardens - Greenwich house18.jpgAatrial House in Poland by KWK PROMES Architects.jpgbedroomterrance-Home Decorating Plan.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - Westchester11.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Art Nouveau style house.JPGBeautiful houses and gardens - French house1.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - garden-design-french.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - via House and Home.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Greenwich house13.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Greenwich house16.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Villa-Leopolda-7.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Westchester13.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Antilla Mumbai.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Fallingwater.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Greenwich house6.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - luscious 4m house.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Main Ridge Victoria.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Weatherboard house5.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Jeffrey Alan Marks.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Greenwich house4.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Westchester2.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Country property10.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Westchester6.jpgFalls Village, Connecticut estates-04-connecticut.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Brantwood - John Ruskin.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Frank Chicago.JPGbeautiful houses and gardens - - Main Ridge2.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Mel Gibson Greenwich property - Maze.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Red door.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Villa-Leopolda-3.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens17.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Weatherboard house2.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Westchester1.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Westchester14.jpgBrusino Arsizio Switzerland estates-01-switzerland.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Westchester7.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Whoopi Goldbergs New Jersey home.JPGbeautiful houses and gardens1.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens22.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens25.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens26.jpgBeautiful houses and gardens - Westchester12.jpgBENNINGBOROUGH HALL - English country garden.jpgBenNINGBOROUGH HALL - English country garden2.jpgBoat house at Corsham Court - now a cottage.jpgBow Bridge in Autumn Setting your price.jpgDelicious wooden exterior from corner is planted with Catalpa bignonioides Aurea.jpgGreenwich house - cottage.jpgGreenwich house.jpgGreenwich house14.jpgGreenwich house15.jpgGreenwich house22.jpgluscious stone house in the country2.jpgluscious stone house in the country4.jpgMajorca Spain house by architect Alberto Rubio.jpgMel Gibson Greenwich property - Loggia.jpgMel Gibson Greenwich property - staff cottage.jpgMel Gibson Greenwich - luscious house - more beautiful houses and gardens - more beautiful houses and -modern country -more beautiful houses and gardens - -more beautiful houses and gardens - live -more beautiful houses and gardens - -more luscious houses and -more luscious houses and -more luscious modern houses.jpgPool and pool house1.jpgPretty Atlanta house.jpgTranquility house in Lake Tahoe Nevada.jpgWeatherboard house4.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - - Greenwich house7.jpgWestchester5.jpgWestchester9.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens14.jpgAbbotsford - Sir Walter Scott - houses and gardens11.jpgAgastache lures in bees and tastes like licorice -, France estate-for-sale - houses and gardens13.jpgAlpine New Jersey house worth 68 million.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens - houses and gardens10.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens12.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens15.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens16.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens36.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens18.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens4.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens19.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens20.jpgBoat house on the lake at Gosford Estate.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens21.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens23.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens24.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens27.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens28.jpgGreenwich house - Hall Cheadle Cheshire - houses and gardens29.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens3.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens30.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens33.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens34.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens35.jpgCountry property1.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens37.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens38.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens39.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens40.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens6.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens32.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens7.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens8.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens9.jpgBetsy Burnham of Burnham Design - whittier drive residence exterior tan stucco slate roof pool.jpgBoat house - - - property - property12.jpgbeautiful houses and -Buckhead Atlanta by architects Neel Reid and Philip Shutze.jpgCountry property8.jpgCountry - A Garden in Puget Sound - Knot - Phil and Jane Workman 1805 farmhouse New Hampshire.jpgElizabeth Kimberly - paris exterior - Hamptons - Drive - 2011 Cathedral Tour of Homes from house with wide verandah - Helenium Moerheim Beauty - Nepeta Six Hills Giant.jpgFront gate - Drive - 2011 Cathedral Tour of Homes from stone house in the - Hillsborough, California house by architect David - luscious stone house in the -Beautiful stone house green -more beautiful houses and -more luscious houses and -Tuscan Inspired Villa In Dubai.jpgPacific Palisades, California estates-02-california.jpgCountry property3.jpgParry Sound, Ontario estate-for-sale.jpgPhillip Mitchell a Toronto-based designer2.jpgSaint Victor La Coste, France estates-03-france.jpgbeautiful houses and gardens31.jpgCountry property5.jpgSmartHome by Michelle Kaufmann Designs built by All American Homes - Chicago3.jpgThe Black House by Andres Remy Arquitectos.jpgWeatherboard house - house3.jpg

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See part 2 of our collection of luscious houses and gardens for more:

Photos - house gardens designs - interior designs blog - buildings and landscaping.jpg

Beautiful houses and gardens - Part 2

Beautiful houses and gardens - Part 2









For more beautiful houses and gardens, you should check out the photo galleries we’ve listed here:

And you might also like to follow our BEAUTIFUL HOUSES AND GARDENS board on Pinterest.








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