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Clearly you must be fabulous, because here you are, sharing the lusciousness. Thank you.


I first launched LUSCIOUS in December 2009, and  three years later this revamped site is now live – I hope you love it as much as I do and that it’s more functional and inspiring to follow. Thanks for all the incredible support – from my family, friends and little Luscious team, to our 100K+ Luscious Lifers. You’re the best!

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Cheers, Natasha


Luscious magnolia tree in Paris


About Luscious: The team

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The legal stuff

Source material

This site has evolved out of la dolce vita, a desire to inspire, and the spirit of fabulousness. Wherever possible we try to promote the source of any information or pictures that inspired us. Please let us know if we’ve used one of your images without proper credit – we work with a lot of photographers and are keen to ensure they get as much recognition as possible, by promoting their website and social media links.

We’ve collected our pictures over many years and were not really conscious of where we got them all of them, eg. Pinterest, WeheartIt and other photo-centric sites. Now that Luscious has become so successful, we are fortunate to be a go-to blog for submissions received directly from photographers and their agencies, and we’re proud to see the affect that a “Luscious mention” has on the rise of followers for someone or something we’ve mentioned.

If not noted, all text is ours and original, and any similarity is pure coincidence. And as we’re not writing about rocket science, we think it’s fair to say most ideas are already out there in the public domain.


Every effort has been made to respect and protect our fans’ privacy, that content is from reliable sources, and pictures have been labelled with their relevant sources. If you feel in any way that something is dodgy, please email us and we’ll try to fix it.

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