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Love cocktails? Then you might like to organise a beautiful bar cart in your own home. Here are some luscious ideas for bar carts…


UPDATED: Remember that we now have a LUSCIOUS SHOP filled with clothing, homewares and gifts, including the occasional luscious bar cart. Check out the SHOP now!



Scroll through the gallery for some inspiration:

glamorous bar carts - cocktail trays1.jpgelegant bar carts - cocktails - bar cart.jpgchrome-and-glass-rolling-bar-cart_FF_Model_ID13573_1_Kravet_Chrome_Bar_Cart.jpgelegant bar carts - cocktails - de menil bar closet.jpgelegant bar carts - cocktails - Mufti Drink Cart.jpgelegant bar carts - cocktails - paco munoz.jpgelegant bar carts - cocktails - roland gold leaf bar cart.jpgelegant bar carts - cocktails - thomas_smythe.jpgelegant bar carts - cocktails2.jpgglamorous bar carts - cocktail trays - bar cart6.jpgglamorous bar carts - cocktail trays - eddie ross country bar lonny.jpgglamorous bar carts - cocktail trays - mike thompson.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar-cart.jpgglamorous bar carts - cocktail trays - steven gambrel home bar closet.jpgglamorous bar carts - cocktail trays4.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - -pretty-things-glam-bar-tray.pngluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - 14.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - 4.pngluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - 8.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - asian-bar-carts.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar cart pinterest.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar cart rue.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar cart via society social.jpgelegant bar carts - cocktails - bar-cart-red.jpgglamorous bar carts - cocktail trays2.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar cart24.pngluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar-cart-as-side-table.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - barrow-bar-cart1.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - brady wilcox bar.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar cart12.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bronze draper close up.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - dining-room2.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - emily henderson bar cart.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - grande via society social.jpgglamorous bar carts - cocktail trays3.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - grande_hostess_pink_grande via society social.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - tableware-bar-cart.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - kitchen cart.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - the_stanton_staged2_grande via society social.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - the_draper_staged4_grande via society social.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - via society social c_grande.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - via society social_c_grande.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays5.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays6.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays7.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar cart29.pngluscious bar carts - cocktail trays - bar cart pinterest4.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays8.jpgluscious bar carts - cocktail trays9.jpg





Where to buy a bar cart

Bar carts aren’t hugely popular in large furniture stores but are starting to appear a bit more regularly, eg. on average, I’d come across one bar cart per store I’ve been looking at recently in Australia.

US shoppers should have better luck as you have more furniture stores than we do in Australia, eg. West Elm, Williams SonomaPottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Shop DandyKohl’sWorld Market, Shop HorneHayneedle, Unbeatable SaleOne Kings Lane, Crate and Barrel, TargetLayla Grace, Horchow, Serena & Lily, BellacorNeiman Marcus etc usually have something in stock.

The good news is that some of these stores are beginning to offer international shipping, so keep an eye out for this.







I bought our silver Art Deco-style bar cart at an Australian store called Adriatic Furniture, not normally a place I shop, but I got lucky this time, so it’s a lesson in doing your research and perhaps trying places you wouldn’t normally go.

I’d highly recommend that in general you avoid the mainstream stores and search online (eg. eBay) and in markets, antique and secondhand shops, but this is because I prefer to have more individual items rather than things that every man and his dog use to decorate their homes.






The best online store I’ve come across which has heaps of options is Society Socialhere is the bar cart section on their website, and also their Facebook page. Several of their carts are featured in our bar cart photo gallery.

Online retailer Amazon also has some – see this link to browse through the options, and occasionally the big box stores such as IKEA and Target. Perhaps consider buying a cheap version and updating it through metallic paint and new mirror inserts? Another place I’ve found some at for Australian buyers is Zanui.



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Luscious cocktails: Cheers!
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If you can recommend a source for great bar carts, please leave a comment below to benefit other Luscious Lifers. Thanks!

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Cheers, Natasha






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